Earthquake Update: Frontline Pastor Robert Barriger in Peru



Collapsed church in Pisco, Peru

This Pisco, Peru, church collapsed on 200 worshippers during an 8.0-magnitude earthquake Wednesday night. You can help meet the need direct through Second Billion.



Robert and Karyn Barriger

Dear World Class Leader,


A magnitude 8.0 earthquake hit Lima, Peru, and surrounding cities on August 15 leaving people in the 163rd poorest nation with destroyed homes and broken hearts. Pastor Robert Barriger, Second Billion Cochair for Nation Building, reports from Peru that teams from his Camino de Vida fellowship are rushing to care for needy people nationwide. Pastor Barriger will spend today, Friday, in Pisco, site of the worst devastation where the electrical blackout and collapsed or teetering buildings have created a shortage of food and shelter.

Peru Earthquake


teams were first on the scene, and overnight created 1000 makeshift shelters against the cold winter air using plastic tarps plus providing blankets and food. Every gift of $50 helps an entire family. Tens of

Peru Earthquake

thousands of families sleeping in parks and on the streets need these $50 shelters, food and water. Should you or your church be able to help these victims directly, please call 407.496.0600 TODAY to tell us the amount you can send by check, or write: Funds will be wired from Second Billion offices TODAY directly to Peru.


Peru Earthquake

Barriger is well known for working with top government officials and is now working with Peru’s President and Secretary of State in the relief effort. Let us help ensure our Peruvian Christians can provide a tangible witness of Christ’s love to help win the Second Billion!


The strength of a team is in each individual member. The strength of each member is in the team.” This is the definition of Synergy!


Please help your brothers and sisters in Peru’s cold winter TODAY with $50 or more to provide shelter. Call 407-496-0600 or email and your gift will be wire transferred directly to the need.


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Winning the Second Billion is not about steeples but peoples; not about fame but faith; not about net worth, but network. We are not about doing old business as usual that did not finish the job. We are about embracing the new face of Christianity that works together to complete the Great Commission. Thank you for helping to win the Second Billion!

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