Global Missions

At the present time, more than 1.8 billion people have never heard the gospel, which is more than 27% of the world population. At the current rate of Christian growth verses world population growth:

  • In 2025, there will be more than 2 billion people who have never heard the Gospel. The Church has entered into a defining period, as to whether or not we will finish the Great Commission by 2100 A.D.
  • In 2200, the world’s population will exceed 10 billion and the unreached will still number 1.7 billion people. More people will have heard the Gospel, but 16% will still be in darkness.
  • It will be 2500 A.D. or later before the Great Commission is fulfilled worldwide.
  • By planting five million churches for a BILLION SOULS to come to Christ, the Church will double its size and shorten the timespan of Great Commission fulfillment to before 2100 A.D.

Over the last four years, Billion Soul met with more than 10,000 key leaders (missionaries, overseers, bishops, leading pastors, superintedents, etc.) to achieve the following:

Challenge the Church to double in size over the next season of years, through planting five million churches for a BILLION SOUL harvest. Every world region is challenged to plant 100 churches within one year, following the Best To The Rest Summit, and double it each year thereafter.

Connect key churches via Internet for global training capacity. When the network is completed, every major organization will have access to the finest training that will be uploaded online from the strongest ministries worldwide.

Collect the best resources and make them available worldwide. The cry of leaders worldwide is that the best resources are needed in order to finish this global task.

Commit to unreached people groups in each world region. While planting churches in familiar territory, we must continue to reach into areas where the Church has never gone before.

Choose a Cochair for every nation, territory and province. This global vision is too large for any single person to Chair or lead alone.

Collaborate on the best methods, models and minds for multiplication movements. The Church must learn how to multiply faster than ever before. Proven methods and models will “take the think time out” and will speed up Church growth at the same time.