The Billion Soul Network Coalition comprises more than 1,300 denominations and organizations, along with more than 400,000 local churches, committed to synergizing their efforts together to accelerate the doubling of the Global Church. If you are your organization are interested in joining this rapid growing coalition of visionary leaders, then write to

What People are Saying…

Leonard Sweet

Leonard Sweet: I’m proud to be working with Billion Soul in the vineyard!

Ray McCauley

Ray McCauley: We are thrilled to serve with this global team to plant churches and win souls worldwide.

John Ed Mathison

John Ed Mathison: I am thrilled to serve on this global networking team.

Bill Winston

Bill Winston: I am thankful to partner and minister with the Billion Soul Network.

Ed Young

Ed Young: One of the greatest untold stories in North America is the evangelism effort worldwide. The winning of one billion souls will help mobilize us to fulfill the Great Commission as fast as possible.

James Merritt

James Merritt: We are grateful to serve in seeing more than one billion people coming to Christ in the years ahead.

Ken Ulmer

Kenneth C. Ulmer: This ministry brings the Body of Christ together to focus on the main elements of evangelism, discipleship and leadership.

David Mohan

David Mohan: I am honored to serve on the Billion Soul Global Team and believe more than one billion souls will come to Christ in this generation.

Prince Guneratnam

Prince Guneratnam: It am thrilled to serve to help double the size of the church worldwide.

Ademola Ishola

Ademola Ishola: The Lord has equipped this ministry to network the Body of Christ. In the years ahead we will witness more churches being planted through out the world.

Peter Mortlock

Peter Mortlock: As we network key pastors together worldwide, we will witness greater goals being achieved than in the previous generation.

David Sobrepena

David Sobrepena: I have been a part of this global network since it was first announced to more than 5,000 leaders. I am thrilled to know now that pastors in more than 140 nations are partnering together.

Gustavo Crocker

Gustavo Crocker: This ministry brings to the global table the ability to have conduct leadership conversations that build synergy in the Church. Let’s win the second billion together!

Paul Cole

Paul Cole: It is a thrill to serve on the Billion Soul team. We are witnessing before our eyes the church being networked together to achieve a higher dimension of multiplication.

Ben Lerner

Ben Lerner: No one understands networking better or has the ability to cast a vision broad enough for the Body of Christ to work together.

Douglass LeRoy

Douglas LeRoy: The Church of God World Missions is grateful for the partnership potential in the years ahead.

Leon Fontaine

Leon Fontaine: It is a thrill to serve on this global team, believing the Lord to plant churches where there have never been any churches before and to see souls saved where no souls have been saved before.

John Corts

John Corts: I am honored to serve the Billion Soul Network team.

Sunday Adelaja

Sunday Adelaja: I am proud to partner with these Cochairs to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Jack Hayford

Jack Hayford: The vision for this generation is to see five million new churches planted for a billion souls to be won to Christ. I look forward to seeing what the Lord does through the Billion Soul Network.

Carlos Belart

Carlos Belart: I am thrilled to partner with James Davis and the entire Billion Soul Team worldwide.

Peter Njiri

Peter Njiri: It is a privilege to serve as the CoChair of East Africa and to host the Billion Soul Summit.

Zollie Smith

Zollie Smith: If the Church is going to plant more churches than ever before than we will have to network like never before.

James Leggett

James Leggett: From the first time I heard the Billion Soul vision, I have been committed to seeing the timespan of the Great Commission being shorten in my lifetime. Our denomination enjoys partnering in the Second Billion Network.

Alex Mitala

Alex Mitala: We are committed to the Billion Soul Network and to seeing millions come to Christ in our lifetime.

Lee Powell

Lee Powell: From the start, I was enraptured with the vision of more than one billion souls coming to Christ in my lifetime. We are honored to partner this excellent vision.

Eddy Leo

Eddy Leo: We were fortunate to host the Billion Soul Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our pastors and leaders were challenged and committed to double the size of the Church in our nation, to help finish the Great Commission in our lifetime.

Anthony Caranno

Anthony Caranno: : Faith Highway counts it an honor to be the technology partner of the Second Billion Network.

George Wood: We are grateful for this effective evangelistic ministry.
Reinhard BonnkeReinhard Bonnke: This ministry is one of the greatest Christian networks today to move the global Church forward.
Wendell SmithWendell Smith: This ministry brings phenomenal networking ability to the Body of Christ.
Paul Walker

Paul Walker: This mission inspires others to maximize their potential.

Elmer TownsElmer Towns: I look forward to seeing what the Lord will be accomplish through the Billion Soul Network in the years ahead.
John Lindell

John Lindell: It is a thrill to see what the Lord is doing through this ministry worldwide.

Alton Garrison

Alton Garrison: This is truly one of the strongest networks in the Church today.

Richard HarrisRichard Harris: We are thankful to partner in the Billion Soul Network.
Marcus Lamb

Marcus Lamb: This Network brings fresh life and vision to the Body of Christ.

Mark Bailey: This ministry understands networking!
Wess StaffordWes Stafford: I am thankful to have had the privilege of ministering at the Synergize! Pastors Conference. I believe it is possible to double the size of the church.
Jim Garlow

Jim Garlow: I am amazed at the global growth of the Billion Soul Network and count it an honor to serve as the CoChair of Culture Engagement. From the first time I heard the Billion Soul vision, it has been my joy to partner with the team.

Walter Kaiser

Walter Kaiser: This mission understands the Church and has the ability to network key components.