With eyes that see to the ends of the earth, the global Church is synergizing together to find ways to fulfill the Great Commission within this generation and the one to follow. The global Church is collectively empowering a missions philosophy and plan that can strategically take the Gospel where it has never been before.

Old maps will not work in new lands. For the first time in missional history, the focus and thrust is not “West to the Rest,” with an American Church sending missionaries to well-indigenized ministries. The new focus is the “Best to the Rest,” where ministries that God has raised up all over the world – which are self-supporting, self-propagating and multipliable without Western help – can add value to the rest of the world.

We are developing Co-Chairs for each of the States in the US and each nation worldwide, as well as for key relational groups such as “children” or “music”. To nominate yourself or someone you know to serve as a Co-Chair, simply write to