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The Net Works!


Dear World Class Networker,

Dr. Adrian RogersAs the Church advances in the 21st century, it reminds us that old maps will not work in new lands. The average person thinks more than 50,000 thoughts every day. Can you imagine if you were required to think the same thought all day? Can you imagine if you had to think one thought for a whole week? A month? A lifetime? Yet many leaders think old worn out thoughts here in a new generation filled with thrilling opportunities!

SatelliteMalcolm Gladwell in The Tipping Point gives three important elements required for an epidemic to take place. One key element is the “connector,” or networker. If we are to witness an epidemic of the Gospel, we must be willing to connect with each other. We become small in order to help build something big. The late Dr. Adrian Rogers said, “A net is a bunch of little nothings tied together. By ourselves we are nothing, but together we are something. By ourselves we are small, but together we are big!”

The net works! We will utilize our collective networking skills at the Synergize! Pastors Conference in Atlanta as more than one million people will join in LIVE! The “network” builds the “net worth.” If you are interested in hosting the conference at a church outside the United States, simply email as soon as possible.

In the U.S., come and be part of an audience with a potential of a million leaders and pastors at once! Click here to register and we’ll see you there! Or, outside the U.S. host an event and we’ll see you online!


Pastor Sunday preaches in the United Nations

United Nations, August 23, 2007, Pastor Sunday Adelaja of the Embassy of God, Kiev, Ukraine, and the Second Billion Cochair of Leadership Development, preached in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations in New York to diplomats and staffers. His message centered on the Kingdom of God as the answer for the world’spoverty, sickness, fatherlessness and other societal ills. Mark your calendar to order CHURCHSHIFT, Pastor Sunday’s first American book, on February 8, 2008.

The Largest Prayer Meeting on Earth

Enoch Adebayo, Sunday Adelaja and James Davis

Each December, members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God gather to pray for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. More than three million people will join their faith together to intercede for awakening in the earth. James O. Davis, Second Billion Cochair of Global Networking, will speak at this year’s historic gathering with General Overseer Enoch Adebayo December 10-15, 2007. The rapidly-growing RCCG has a goal in developed nations to have a church within five minutes’ drive of every family in every city.

Peru Christian Relief Update

Peru ReliefSecond Billion Cochair for Nation Building, Robert Barriger, was asked by the President of Peru to oversee relief camps in Pisco, one of the hardest hit areas by the August 15 earthquake that left 85% of the population in several major cities homeless.

Because churches are networking together, they have been the first and most effective relief workers in the nation. Christian groups from outside Peru are rushing to organize and travel into Peru to help local Christians meet the tremendous need. Thank you for all you are doing through your ministry outlets to show Christ’s love in a tangible way!

The Preachers’ Summit: “The Pathway to Preaching”

Preachers' SummitIf the minister will fill the pulpit, the Lord will fill the building. People do not just come to hear reasons but to see visions. The person’s mind is not a debating hall but a picture gallery. Prepare for eight weeks this summer with James O. Davis’ “The Pathway to Preaching.” This tremendous teaching series will help move you as a minister from clinging to the past to thinking about the future. Click here!


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