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Sunday Adelaja, author of the upcoming book CHURCHSHIFT, due out February 8, and James O. Davis, launch the CHURCHSHIFT ministry in Ukraine last Sunday.



Dear World Class Pastor,

Holiday Greetings!

The new book, CHURCHSHIFT, debuting at the SYNERGIZE! Pastors Conference, provides the model for church life that caused the explosive growth of Embassy of God Church in Kiev, now over 100,000 strong after just 12 years. Pastor Sunday Adelaja’s revolutionary approach to expanding the influence of the Kingdom of God through the local church has brought about national transformation in Ukraine.

The Second Billion movement is working to identify the best methods and models worldwide, in order to help pastors lead multiplying churches, so the goal may be reached to plant five million new churches for a billion soul harvest.

At Embassy of God, people start filling the front row seats an hour before service, and jam the rented sports hall twice each Sunday. Twice each year, in July and December, roughly 2000 members and international guests take part in a fasting and prayer retreat for 10 days.

The book, CHURCHSHIFT, will be accompanied by a workbook for small group study, that trains church leaders and members to work harmoniously to use Kingdom principles to change culture. You may secure your copies of the book and workbook on Amazon.com or at your local bookstore on February 8.

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In order to reach our personal Promised Land, there are “Three Battles We Cannot Afford to Lose” and must overcome. When God starts something, He will finish it. Download this message for your own benefit, or share it with those to whom you minister!

How much do you weigh this holiday season? Before you go to your scale, please know that many people think that they weigh too much. Yet, according to God’s Word, most people do not weigh enough on God’s scales of justice. As we complete this year and enter into the new year, we need to have a spiritual growth plan. When we do not eat physical food, our bodies become hungry; but when people do not eat spiritual food, they will eventually not be hungry at all. Let’s be sure to stay spiritually hungry and weigh enough in the eyes of the Lord. Blessings!


Until the Last Person Has Heard,

James O. Davis
COCHAIR/Global Networking