Preaching Great in ’08 with Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer!


Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer and his Faithful Central Bible Church congregation in Inglewood, California, bought The Forum, the sports complex made famous by the World Champion L. A. Lakers basketball team. Dr. Ulmer will attend all three days of the SYNERGIZE! Pastors Conference and will bring a keynote address to pastors and leaders from around the world.
Come meet him there!



Dear Visionary Leader:

Happy Holidays!

Our Heavenly Father’s only Son became a missionary. He went from the nether world to the needy world, from a splendid place to a sinful place and from a holy place to a hellish place. Jesus came down so we can go up!

Some messages, memories and men have great impact on our lives. While studying for a Doctorate In Ministry In Preaching at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, I took Dr. Warren Wiersbe’s course, “Imagination And The Quest Of Biblical Preaching.” In one lecture he stated, “People do not come to church to hear reasons, but to see visions. People’s minds are not debating halls, but picture galleries.” Those two sentences transformed my approach to ministry!

Six years ago, I was fortunate to hear Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer minister God’s Word for the first time. As I sat enthralled on the front row, I was stirred to do all I could to help fulfill the Great Commission. Since that time, we have traveled the world together in ministry.

A best-selling author and leader of one of the largest congregations in America, Bishop Ulmer is also a respected international speaker and lecturer, including Oxford and his own South African leadership training center. He is truly one of the greatest Christian thinkers of this generation, and one of the world’s most memorable and colorful presenters. Most leaders can recall Bishop Ulmer’s messages for years after hearing him. You may browse his body of teachings at

At the SYNERGIZE! Pastors Conference, Bishop Ulmer will challenge us to walk the road of greatness, and to expand our thinking and deepen our Christian walk. I cannot imagine beginning 2008, or any new year, without the benefit of sitting under Dr. Ulmer’s ministry. He’ll be waiting to meet you in Atlanta!


Breaking News


Evangelism Explosion will debut XEE at the SYNERGIZE! Pastors Conference. For more than 30 years, EE has had global impact in seeing more than 70 million people come to Christ. XEE is the next generation of personal soul-winning resources designed user-friendly and fruitful for the local church. John Sorensen will minister on, “The One Thing We Will Not Do In Heaven.”


Second Billion Co-Chair for Compassion, Gustavo Crocker is the Eurasia Director for the Church of the Nazarene, encompassing 90 nations. At the present time, through his leadership, there are five new church plants each day, on average. For more than 20 years, he has brought compassionate leadership through World Relief, Compassion International and the Nazarene Organization.

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Pastors Coaching


I realize that Christmas is nearly upon us once again. If you are like me, I have not finished my Christmas shopping, nor completed sending my Christmas cards. If you are still preparing your Christmas message, you may glean some insights from this download, “The Conquering Christ Of Christmas.” I believe you will find this message memorable.


The latest Kenneth C. Ulmer book has five stars on! Purchase your copy of Making Your Money Count to get ready for your stewardship series in the new year! This is filled with golden wisdom to help you and your ministry.


I trust and pray during this holiday season, the Holy Spirit will give us fresh vision of who we can be in 2008 and beyond. We teach what we know but reproduce who we are. When we learn, we add value to ourselves, but when we teach, we multiply value to others. Blessings!


Until the Last Person Has Heard,

James O. Davis
COCHAIR/Global Networking