Nothing Is Impossible With God


Resurrection power! Light always overcomes darkness and life always overcomes death. The lively Rwandan church has grown even though deeply affected by national turmoil. These and other Christian leaders from East Africa will meet to synergize their efforts on September 25-26 at the Best to the Rest Summit in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Rwandan church has grown even though deeply affected by national turmoil. Plans are being laid for the Rwanda delegation to come to the “Best to the Rest” Summit September 25-26 in Nairobi, Kenya.


Dear Visionary Leader:

As Christian leaders, God takes us from “glory to glory,” and also from horrific to honorable and from devastation to destination. During a period of genocide in Rwanda, church leaders dealt with their people being thrown live to alligators, dismembered by machetes, tortured and killed.

It takes years, decades, centuries to build a nation, an organization, a ministry. But it can take days, hours or minutes to destroy it.

Rwandan Pastor John Gatabazi faced wickedness and evil of unparalleled proportions. His wife tells how ruthless attackers came to murder her while he was away. She hid their family and pleaded with God to spare them. Miraculously, the attackers came and left, thinking no one was home. Today Dr. and Mrs. Gatabazi pastor the largest church in Rwanda, where key politicians worship.

Fifty key Rwandan pastors and leaders will travel 24 hours by bus through Kampala, Uganda, to the Best to the Rest Summit in Nairobi. In Kampala, Apostle Alex Mitala and his team will refresh the Rwanda delegation in Kampala and send them on. Synergy in action!


Network News


Pastors and leaders throughout the world will join their hearts and prayers together on Billion Soul Sunday, September 21, 2008. Please mark your calendar and give five minutes of your Sunday morning worship service to pray that the global Church will double in size, going from one billion to two billion souls.


Dr. Elmer Towns is cofounder of Liberty University, the largest accredited Christian education center in the world. He will debut his newest scholarly work, The Top Ten Praying Churches in the World, and give a presentation by the same name at the January 14-16, 2009 Preaching Conference. Registration is open today!


Pastoral Coaching

Preachers are in the communication business. It has been said that good communication should be just as stimulating as black coffee and just as difficult to sleep after! To continue learning “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Communication,” be sure to download Law Five: “People need their ears to turned into eyes during a presentation.” You will find this is one of the greatest principles of communication.

In Uganda last week, at a meeting of nearly 100 key bishops and leaders from throughout the nation, leaders still talked about the 1970s when Dictator Idi Amin’s atrocities murdered more than 100,000 people and almost destroyed this beautiful nation.

Many Ugandan Church leaders were among the refugees that fled to neighboring nations like Kenya. One such family stayed in the home of Nairobi Pastor Harris Gichuhi. For thirty years, Ps Harris wondered whatever happened to that family when they returned to Uganda.

At the close of our planning meeting for the upcoming Best To The Rest Summit, a smiling woman walked up to Ps Harris and said, “I am the little girl that stayed in your home during a terrible period of time in our nation. For all these years, I have wanted to thank you for saving my family.”

Regardless of what you may be facing, our life experience teaches that “a faith that cannot be tested is a faith that cannot be trusted.” Our Christian walk does not mean that our hearts may not be broken or that people will not disappoint us. Our Lord reminds us of His promises by painting rainbows while we walk through storms!

Until The Last Person Has Heard,

James O. Davis
COCHAIR/Global Networking
P.S. I rarely add a PS, but in honor of China’s Olympics, I just wanted you to see my two Chinese champions, Olivia and Priscilla. God is good!