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The Face of Christianity. We like to say that in the future, if you are not networking, you will be “not” working. Our net worth is found in our network. Think of five people you want to network with and share this email!


Dear Visionary Leader,

Billion Soul Greetings!

On a wintry day just outside of Washington DC a decade ago, I met with Steve Case, the founder of America Online. The Internet was still young enough that “online” wasn’t even a word yet, but I knew I was meeting with a man who was pouring oil on a revolutionary fire. Now, with the Internet’s compounding, exponential growth for the last decade, our world has changed forever. Steve Case had that rare ability to see around the curvature of the earth, to see “ahead of time” to make global impact.

Dr. Leonard Sweet also has a God-given ability to see ahead of time and to recognize what is coming long before the rest of us “mortals” recognize it. At our Manila BILLION SOUL Leadership Conference, he brought an unprecedented leadership challenge to thousands of leaders from East Asia which he called, “You Call Yourself A Leader? Let Me See Your Back!” In graphic detail Len taught the Apostle Paul’s trials to take the Gospel to unreached peoples. It was one of the most moving leadership presentations that I have ever heard.

At January’s North American Conference On Biblical Preaching, Len Sweet will challenge us once again as ministers. See the incredible lineup of presenters joining him at www.GivingBlood.tv. We have limited registration for only 750 pastors and leaders. During this conference, the Global Preaching Bible will be released for more than five million pastors. Our presenters literally can hardly wait to give you what they have learned about preaching from decades of ministry!

As this year comes to a close we can see the progress that has been made, the price that has been paid and the prospective for the future. We will continue to provide firsthand testimonies and highlights from around the world!


Network News


During 2009, Billion Soul Leadership Summits will take place South America (February 9-11); Auckland, New Zealand (March 3-4); Hong Kong, China (March 28-29); Mediterranean (May 26-28); Lagos, West Africa (May 28-29); Micronesia (August 25-26); Kampala, Uganda (September 8-9); London, England (September 22-23); Mumbai and Delhi, India (October 12-16); Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (October 21-22); Rome Italy (November 18-19). Be sure to see www.BestToTheRest.org for more information.


On October 28-29, 2009, the Church of God World Headquarters will host an unprecedented world summit, inviting key strategists from every world region. This global summit will be limited to only eighty leaders. The theme will be: “Unconverted, Unchurched and Unreached.”


Operation Blessing South American Representative Jordan Durso joined Asian representatives for a ministry tour to see Operation Blessing’s impact through Asia. Rev. Durso surveyed the need for the Gospel in Japan before returning to his home nation of Peru.


“Together with a good sized group of pastors, we are engaged in Church planting activities…I will be conducting free seminars for them and envision to establish a training center, so that they and others who have no means can be trained. We are all with same heart with one purpose to be faithful servants to our God. Working together, doubling the results!”
Norberto B. Mizal, The Philippines


Dr. Gary B. McGee, one of the most highly respected Assemblies of God educators, graduated for eternity on December 10, 2008. As Distinguished Professor of Church History and Pentecostal Studies at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, he trained thousands of Pentecostal ministers. The last of his dozens of published works, “Miracles, Missions, and American Pentecostalism” was completed just weeks ago and will be released in 2009.


Pastoral Coaching

We are rapidly coming to the close of another year. Years ago someone wrote:

When I was a child I laughed and wept and time crept.
When I was a youth I dreamed and talked and time walked.
But, when I became full grown, time ran.
And even later as older I grew, time flew.
Soon I shall find while traveling on that time is gone.

May the Holy Spirit grant us the ability to squeeze the juice of life out of every day. It may only be a minute, but eternity is in it!


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

James O. Davis
COCHAIR/Global Networking