The Seven Super Bowls of God


God’s “super bowls” will shake the earth and echo in eternity.


Dear Visionary Leader,

Each winter, the US football season ends with the “Super Bowl.” This past weekend, two teams battled it out in front of more than 80,000 people crammed into the Tampa, Florida stadium.

This reminded me of the seven super bowls of God. It is interesting to see what people consider to be “super,” “extraordinary” or “incredible.” If we use the wrong measuring stick to evaluate our lives we will make the wrong conclusion.

Nearly two thousand years ago, the Apostle John saw the seven super bowls of God on the island of Patmos. The Scripture does not indicate how long John saw this vision, but what he saw is truly “super” because they will impact billions of people. In Revelation 16, these seven super bowls are described as:

The Sore Bowl (vv. 1-2)
The Sea Bowl (v. 3)
The Sow Bowl (vv. 4-7)
The Sun Bowl (vv. 8-9)
The Spirit Bowl (vv. 10-11)
The Satanic Bowl (v. 12-16)
The Suffer Bowl (vv. 17-21)

We are interested to see if any of our Billion Soul family has a sermon or sermon series on the Seven Super Bowls of God. Please email if you would like to share it!

When we look around the world, we can see that our mighty God has already begun to shake the earth. We need to pray, plan and preach! Scripture states that
“David made extensive preparations before he died,” and so should we, in preparation for the end, even as we look for the coming of the King of the Universe (I Chron 22:5).


Network News


When the Billion Soul Initiative began in Dallas, Texas in September, 2005, more than five hundred key leaders from more than 80 denominations or organizations came together from more than 50 nations. To date, the Global Church has accomplished at least 547,000 of the 5,000,000 churches and more than 160 million of the one billion souls. In 2008, the Billion Soul Network surpassed 200,000 churches in more than 160 nations, consisting of more than 400 denominations and organizations. It is estimated that these numbers will double in less than 24 months.


The Christian Men’s Network passed more than one million men in 2008 and is on target to connect with more than 10 million men in the next few years. Cochair Paul Cole is on a Global MoMENtum Tour challenging men worldwide and is currently in Lima, Peru at the Corazon conference with Cochair Robert Barriger. Some the most widely-used curriculum for men is available at Our CoChair/Global Operations, Joann Cole Webster and her team will assist with the purchase of these priceless resources or help start a men’s ministry in your local church. Just write them.


The “Down Under” is the way to “Up And Over.” In New Zealand and Australia the Holy Spirit is moving as countless people are coming to Christ. Pastor Peter Mortlock is the founding pastor of City Impact Church and Cochair/Australasia. The entire lineup of speakers are available at The Best To The Rest. Dr. James Merritt, former president of the US Southern Baptist Convention, is one of nine presenters at this historic summit. He said, “We are called to finish the Great Commission as fast as possible. We must learn how to serve together to effect global change for Christ.”


Pastoral Coaching

Give a “bowl of cheer” this week! Find someone who is crying and put a smile on that face. Several years ago, Dr. Elmer Towns, the cofounder of Liberty University, said to me, “If you want to change the world pick up a pen. There is power in the pen!” You can see his life work at Each week why not make it a priority to write and thank as least one person for his or her life? We reap what we sow!

Recently, Rev. Esther D. Cebuala, from the Philippines wrote: “Since attending the Billion Soul Conference in Manila, I have been greatly challenged. Being a district leader of one of the 20 districts of the Philippines Assemblies of God, Northeastern Region area of Mindanao, the Lord has laid in my heart to turn each of our 260 AOG churches to become a Billion Soul Church.”

Dr. George O. Wood, the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, wrote, “Your faithful service to the Lord and to the Assemblies of God is deeply appreciated. We esteem you highly! We trust and pray that the abundant blessing of the Lord will rest mightily upon you and that you will see many more souls brought into the Kingdom as a result of your continued faithful ministry.”

Let me tell you some of the great super bowls that will take place this year.


  • A super bowl is an open field filled with nearly one million people at a Reinhard Bonnke Crusade.
  • A super bowl is Suliasi Kurulo’s Missions Conference in May where the building overflows with thousands from around the world who gather in front of big screens outdoors.
  • A super bowl is where nearly 30,000 gather each week at David Sobrepena’s Word of Hope Church in Manila.
  • A super bowl is the nearly 100,000 who will attend the Hillsong Worship Conference in Sydney.
  • A super bowl is Enoch Adeboye’s Holy Spirit Conference with more than 2 million in attendance.


A super bowl is in every one of the more than 5 million churches worldwide who will preach the gospel, inviting sinners to come to Christ.


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

James O. Davis
COCHAIR/Global Networking