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Hundreds of Christian Leaders Will Converge In Auckland, New Zealand on March 3-4, 2009.


Dear Visionary Leader,

On January 6, 1852, a son was born to Pastor and Mrs. Schliemann. They named him Heinrich. They never expected him to become anyone special and he was content to live to the level of their low expectations. However, at age seven, Heinrich turned the pages of a book to see pictures of a city burning. At that tender age, he determined that one day he would find that historic site, the ancient city of Troy.

People ridiculed the efforts of young Heinrich. But in 1873, when he was barely 21 years old, he discovered the city of Troy. His archeological find changed the history books forever. Why? Because Heinrich learned how to see the unseen. He refused to be discouraged by what others thought or said. His sights were set to find the unknown.

Abraham had a God-given ability to see things that others could not see. He was “looking for a city whose architect and builder is God.” As leaders, we will always be propelled in the direction of our most dominating thought. Abraham viewed his nomadic life of constant change not as a vagabond without a home, not as a fugitive running from home, but as a pilgrim headed to home.

Kenneth C. Ulmer said it this way, “In the heart of God, a billion souls has already been saved. We are in the
‘boat of hope’ rowing to the shore of eternity.”

Ed Young, Senior Pastor of Second Baptist in Houston, Texas stated, “A Billion Souls is a most compelling vision. It forces us to work together. The greatest untold story is the untold millions of people who are being saved each year throughout the world.”

Before there was sin in the Garden of Eden, in the mind and heart of God there was already a cross on Calvary. In other words, Calvary was not the afterthought but the first thought before Adam and Eve were ever created. God paid the price in His essence before Man breathed his first breath on his first day. The difference for Heinrich and for the heroes of Scripture was not in the length of life but in the depth of passion. It’s not how long we live but how much we love that determines our efforts for others to come to Christ.


Network News


On March 3-4, 2009, hundreds of key leaders will converge in Auckland, New Zealand, for the Australasia Billion Soul Leadership Summit. Many strategic cities of Australia and New Zealand are experiencing a great revival with thousands coming to Christ. To join us, simply log on to or These global summits are
“Where pastors and leaders meet to network with the greatest Christian thinkers in the world!”


On January 19-21, 2010, more than 2,000 pastors and leaders will gather in Orlando, Florida to network with more than 40 presenters from every world region. One presenter is Casey Treat from Seattle, Washington. In January 1980, a group of 30 people met with Casey & Wendy Treat and started Christian Faith Center. As the largest church in the Pacific Northwest today, more than 10,000 parishioners attend two locations for weekly services. Receive the BEST rates for Synergize2! when you register early!


“We propagate Luke 4:18 as our motto to revive Bangladesh spiritually and socially. Being one of the poorest countries, the church holds high the Word of God to become the light and salt for the poor, tormented and suffering people. Please pray for social, political and financial emancipation of our people!”—Rev. Jonathan, Bangladesh


Pastoral Coaching

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Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston from Sydney, Australia, has preached a now-famous message that states in essence, If you will take care of what is in your hand, God will give you what is in your heart. Nearly twenty years after Heinrich Schliemann discovered Troy, he reluctantly returned to Europe for an operation on his chronically-infected ears. As a result, his inner ear became painfully inflamed. He planned to return to Greece in time for Christmas, but he was too sick to travel. On Christmas he collapsed and on December 26, 1890, he died in a Naples hotel room. Yet,
Schliemann’s life mission was accomplished before his death. What had been in his heart he finally held in his hand.

As we move forward together in uncharted land, may we see the unseen, learn the unknown.


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

James O. Davis
COCHAIR/Global Networking