How To Set God-Sized Goals


Join us as we focus on unreached people at The Finish Line Summit, October 27-28, 2009, Church of God World Headquarters, Cleveland, Tennessee.


Dear Visionary Leader,

Billion Soul Greetings!

Every second, two people die without Christ. Every minute, 120 are gone. Every hour, 7200 are lost. Can your mind embrace the task before us?

Dr. Douglas LeRoy, Suliasi Kurulo and James O. Davis will host “The Finish Line Summit” on October 27-28, 2009 at the Church of God World Headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee. We are thrilled with the global response from key leaders who will participate in this historic summit about unreached peoples. The presenters and program will be:

October 27

Finish Line Vision: Douglas LeRoy/James Davis
The Rise of Global Christianity: Philip Jenkins
Showcasing Methods: Gus Crocker
Showcasing Methods: Avery Willis
Sharing Models: David Sobrepena
Sharing Models: Alexey Ledyaev

October 28

Running The Race Together: Raymond Culpepper
The Qualities of Great Commission Leadership:
J. Hudson Taylor IV
Synergizing Mobilization: Alex Mitala
Synergizing Mobilization: James Davis
Studying Multiplication: Alex Abraham
Studying Multiplication: Suliasi Kurulo


The Finish Line is available to leaders with a desire to be on the bleeding edge of preaching the Gospel to the unreached. Registration is just $395, including meals. The meeting is limited to only 90 leaders. Please click here to request your exclusive invitation for you or your leaders.


Network News


The 53rd General Council of the Assemblies of God is convening this week in Orlando, Florida. More than 20,000 delegates are expected from around the world. The main sessions for this strategic meeting can be seen online live at Their collective goal is when the Assemblies of God celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2014, to have more than 100 million members worldwide.


Gutenberg to Google: The Twenty Indispensable Laws of Communication continues to receive praise from preachers. Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer writes, “James O. Davis gives practical answers, spiritual observations and helpful suggestions to improve the cuisine and menus of the pulpit. This work is a how-to manual for the spiritual chef who sincerely desires to feed the sheep of God. Davis may have indeed produced the premier manual for preaching in a Google world.”


“We are greatly burdened to serve the poor, orphaned, and destitute children of South India. Our sole aim is to win many souls to expand His kingdom. We are reaching many remote villages, forest areas, carrying the gospel, preparing youth for the outreach ministry, caring for lepers, orphan children, widows, living in submission to the great commission.”
—Pastor Vesapogu, Vijayawada, India


Pastoral Coaching

The United States is now the fourth largest unreached nation on earth. Hundreds of Assemblies of God U.S. Home Missionaries gathered at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida last week under the leadership of Rev. Zollie Smith, the Executive Director of US Missions. Zollie Smith’s vision is for millions of people in the United States to come to Christ in the years ahead.

Last weekend, we were privileged to bring a message to this visionary group of individuals from the article we released several weeks ago, “How To Develop A Compelling Missions Program.” Please download the entire article from

Here is a straight-forward five-step planning grid to help you develop an aggressive missions program in the next seven years:


Gather the facts—Research: Do your homework. Analyze where you and your church are. Ask lots of questions from key leaders, even if you fear the answers.

Organize a plan—Reflect: Develop one-, three-, five- and seven-year schedules, building sequential steps from beginning to end. Add a 30 percent buffer because it will take longer than you expect.

Act on the plan—Respond: Once you have your plan in place, take action! Do not wait until every question is answered and funding is completed. Get started!

Look back—Review: Life is lived forward and learned backward. As you move forward with your scheduled plan, review your results each quarter, fine-tuning the methods that work and eliminating those that don’t.

Set new goals—Recommit: Just like climbing a mountain, we have to keep recommitting ourselves to the summit. There are always unexpected turns and unforeseen challenges, but we determine to make it to the top.


Nearly everywhere we go, pastors and leaders are relating that the Holy Spirit is challenging them to help fulfill the Great Commission. We all have a role in God’s goal and a part in God’s heart. None of us can finish the Great Commission alone. Each of us can do something to help. Let us never forget that for every lost hour, 7200 die lost. Blessings!


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

James O. Davis
Cofounder Billion Soul
COCHAIR/Global Networking