The Top Five Percent Of Visionary Leadership


Those who choose to live in the top 5 percent see the sun coming up long before the rest of the people. The air is much cleaner and the thoughts are much larger.


Dear Visionary Leader,

Many years ago, I acquired the Visionary Leadership audio series by the late Dr. Earl Nightingale. As I listened to his deep bass voice on my cassette player, something sparked in my soul that still burns today. He taught leadership in the 1980s and 1990s, long before it was a popular topic. He was truly ahead of his time and had the ability to capture the imagination of a generation of visionaries.

Nightingale taught the “Leadership Pyramid” to explain a creative approach to understanding what visionary leadership would do for a person’s approach to business and life. In essence, he said: “Those who choose to live in the top 5 percent of the pyramid see the sun coming up long before the rest of the people, and the sun sets much later than the rest of the people. The air is much cleaner and the thoughts are much larger. It is here where truly great people choose to live their lives.”

Visionaries have the ability to see what is coming and where things are going. They possess an ability to see around the curvature of the earth and leverage momentum for compounding outcomes.

Last week, many visionaries came together at the “Asia Pacific Men’s Conference.” Big-spirited men converged at this landmark conference to launch the “Christian Men’s Network” in this world region. Leading men came from the United States, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Oceania and elsewhere. Global vision requires big shoulders! – James O. Davis/CoFounder/Billion Soul


Network News


Plans are being made for the Billion Soul Leadership Summit in Sydney, Australia in February, 2011. Recently, Michael Murphy, CoChair/Australia, and James Davis met regarding this most significant summit. Confirmed presenters include Peter Mortlock (New Zealand), Paul de Jong (New Zealand), James O. Davis (USA) and J. Hudson Taylor IV (Taiwan). Expect more news soon!


The Synergize 2! Pastors Conference is rapidly filling. Leaders have registered from more than 40 nations and the number is climbing. One of the most exciting elements of this year’s conference is the large number of ministry training resources. Synergize 2! features teaching from some of the finest Christians leaders in the world, plus you will receive the “Billion Soul® Pastors Training Library.” This powerful resource valued at more than $1,000 is a FREE benefit to augment each of our ministries. You may think such a conference would be out of your reach, but you can experience Synergize 2! at a cost of only $85 per pastor, $49 spouse and $69 per team member. Register today!


Pastoral Coaching

What size vision do you have for your church or ministry? Huge vision requires big shoulders. Here are some soul-stirring quotes from some of the dynamic presentations at the South East Asia Men’s Conference:


  • Eddy Leo (Jakarta)–“Discipleship is the only way to achieve Christlikeness! The only way a young lion knows how to hunt is he was taught, mentored, discipled. The only way our young men will know how to be a Godly man, is to be taught!”
  • David Sobrepeña (Manila)–“I was a part of launching the Million Leaders Mandate in the Philippines. I believe the launch of the Christian Men’s Network will become a mighty force in Asia.”
  • Bishop Dale Bronner (Atlanta)–“Change comes with pain…the lazy man, the indolent, avoids the pain. If we are to change and in turn, change the world, we must increase our threshold of pain. We must be men who are willing to fight through the pain to see a generation changed by the power of God!”


The stronger the shoulders around you, the wider and higher the vision that God will give to you. The Billion Soul vision is built upon the shoulders of mighty men of valor throughout the world. We are committed to the well-being of each other and for the establishment of the Kingdom of God in every nation, province and territory.

Let us remember that it is not just great faith in God, nor just faith in a great God, but the fact that God has faith in YOU to shake the world right where you are! Blessings!


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

David Sobrepena
COCHAIR/Global Networking

Paul Louis Cole
COCHAIR/Servant Ministries

Joann Cole Webster
COCHAIR/Global Operations

James O. Davis
COCHAIR/Global Networking
COFOUNDER/Billion Soul