Jesus’ Holy Road To His Divine Destiny



Dear Visionary Leader,

Easter Greetings!

As we move forward in ministry on the highway of holiness, it is important to avoid side streets, dead ends and wrong exits. During this Passion season, let us reflect on how Jesus traveled the road of His divine destiny.


  1. Read The Map And Know Your Directions. We study the map ahead of time! The best time to study the Bible is the first thing in the morning. Jesus knew the Scriptures and understood God’s plan for His life.
  2. Stop At Red Lights. People get into trouble when they don’t pay attention to the intersection before them. The Bible is not a Book of “do nots” but a book of “how not to hurt yourself.” Jesus lived without sin and fulfilled, on schedule, God’s plan for His life.
  3. Yield To Others. Instead of reaching for the throne, we reach for the towel. At every juncture on the journey, Jesus served others instead of Himself. On our tombstone could be one word: “Others.”
  4. Submit To Proper Authority. Our Lord wants us to be over the works of the flesh and the power of the devil. As we are under the Authority of Christ, we are over the evils that come our way. Jesus said, “I only do what my Father tells me to do and only say what He has commanded me to say.”
  5. Look Both Ways And Then Go. When we find ourselves in the intersection of decision or at the corner of temptation, the best response is to move as fast as possible. If we linger too long, we can be blindsided by oncoming traffic.


When Christ came to the Garden of Gethsame, He came to the greatest crossroads of his life. It was here that He looked both ways and went on to Calvary. At Calvary the light turned green so all of us can go to heaven!


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

James O. Davis
COCHAIR/Global Networking
COFOUNDER/Billion Soul