Ten Things That Every Pastor’s Wife Needs to Know


What do pastors wives need today? Find out from one of the leading pastors’ wives in North America today!


Dear Visionary Leader,

In May of 1996, the greatest disaster in mountain climbing occurred on Mount Everest. The climbers stayed too long at the summit and a storm blew in. As they hiked back to an intermediate camp, they were engulfed in a full-scale blizzard with wind exceeding 60 knots and a chill factor of more than 100 degrees below zero. Supplemental oxygen tanks and head lamp batteries began running out.

Fortunately, two experience guides were with this party of eleven people, but unfortunately, they chose the wrong path back down the mountain. John Krakauer’s book, Into Thin Air, states:


For the next two hours, this group staggered blindly around in the storm, ever more exhausted and hypothermic, hoping to blunder across the camp. One of the guides said that it was total chaos. ‘People are wandering all over the place. I am yelling at everyone, trying to get them to follow a single leader. Finally, around 10:00 p.m., I walked over this little rise and I felt like I was standing on the edge of the earth. I could sense a huge void beyond. . . .The group had unwittingly strayed to the eastern most edge of the lip of a 7,000 foot drop, down the Cane Shung Face of Mount Everest.’

The group decided to huddle up and wait for a break in the storm. They were without shelter, not much light and oxygen, and with confused leadership. Some of those climbers survived but others died. Yet, the tents of their camp were only 300 yards away from them. A distance they could have covered in less than 15 minutes. They had lost their way.


They had lost their way? Incredible! Unbelievable! Unthinkable! Those who know the way must show others the way. If we are ever to achieve the goals in God’s heart, then we will have to serve each other and find dynamic ways to add multiplication value to each other.


Network News


The Billion Soul Network continues expand at a most rapid rate worldwide. At the present time, the network is now in 217 Nations, territories and provinces. Pastor James Finn serves as the CoChair/Idaho in the United States. He pastors First Assembly of God in Twin Falls, Idaho, and is involved in strategic missions throughout Northern India.

Pastor Peter de Leau is the senior pastor of Emmanuel Church, one of the fastest growing churches in the east part of Holland and he appears regularly on Dutch Television. He serves as the CoChair / Netherlands. He is an author, columnist and evangelist/teacher. The mission of Emmanuel Ministries is to help churches grow in quality and quantity through the principles of Gods Word and the power of the Holy Spirit and to help the poorest of the poor with the Hope Box Foundation.

Pastor Barry Clardy, Senior Pastor of Princeton Pike Church of God, in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio, area serves at the CoChair/The Finish Line. The Finish Line is a synergistic effort to plant churches among the largest unreached peoples in the world. Scores of organizations are currently working together for a Finish Line Launch on September 1-3, 2010, Delhi, India.


Christian Men’s Network president Paul Louis Cole, son of the late Edwin Louis Cole, is barnstorming Europe for the next two weeks, holding men’s conferences in Germany, Holland, Estonia and elsewhere. To learn how to grow an effective ministry to men, contact this global ministry that is reaching more than two million men today through the local church!


Pastoral Coaching

The Billion Soul Network is committed to bring the best resources to the rest of the world. It is not about egos and logos but about equipping God’s choicest servants for the maximized Christian life and ministry.

Jeana Floyd, the wife of Dr. Ronnie Floyd in Springdale, Arkansas, has just released a most compelling book for pastors’ wives everywhere. Being the wife of a minister can be tremendously rewarding, but it is also a commitment of time, personal investment, and patience.

Ministry is a challenging vocation, even in the best of times. Jeana Floyd knows these challenges well and has created this faith-affirming guide for pastors’ wives. Sharing years of wisdom and insight from her
husband’s growing and visionary ministry, Ten Things Every Minister’s Wife Needs to Know is filled with practical tips on marriage, prayer, stewardship, parenting, and faith. Each chapter includes “interactive testimonies” from other pastor’s wives.

Secure your copy today! Be sure to express your love and appreciation to your spouse in every season, and especially as we approach the Mothers Day holiday! Take a few moments to teach your family how to show appreciation to your spouse. Blessings.


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

James O. Davis
COCHAIR/Global Networking
COFOUNDER/Billion Soul