Africa: Becoming A Christian Continent


Some of “the Best” resources were shared with “the Rest” of the world at the Annual Nigeria Baptist Convention coference last week in Abuja, Nigeria. 


Dear Visionary Leader,

Billion Soul Greetings!

Since its inception, the Billion Soul movement has centered around pastors and local churches. We have often said, “The most important person in every community on earth is not the governor, the congressman, the senator or even the President. The most important person in every community is the local, Spirit-filled pastor. As goes the pastor, so goes the community.”

Last week, thousands attended the Nigerian Baptist pastors conference and nearly ten thousand attended the annual Nigeria Baptist Convention in Abuja, Nigeria. Dr. Ademola Ishola, the General Secretary of the Nigeria Baptist Convention and CoChair/West Africa, helped us launch Gutenberg to Google: The Twenty Indispensable Laws Of Communication, the “What Every Pastor Ought To Know” pastor training by the Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute, and the Billion Soul Training Library. Ademola spearheaded this resource initiative to ensure the pastors would have access to these great materials.

In the next five years, Rev. Israel Chuks Obieje, Director of the Global Mission Board stated their goals:


  • To communicate the Gospel to all of the unreached people groups in Nigeria. They are mobilizing all of their convention churches to plant at least 5,000 new churches.
  • To move from 21 fulltime to more than 50 fulltime missionaries.
  • To grow the Nigeria Baptist Convention by 25%
  • To move from 15 foreign nations to 50 foreign nations


The Billion Soul Network is not about riches, but resources—not about getting but giving. Completing the Great Commission is not about money. It’s about motivation!


Network News


Dr. Elmer Towns’ new book, The Daniel Fast For Spiritual Breakthrough, is getting great praise! Dr. Jack Hayford states, “This book is meant for this moment! The Holy Spirit is calling each believer to lay hold of the power of fasting with prayer! Daniel’s prayer and fasting literally affected history at a desperate time in the ancient world. The Daniel Fast For Spiritual Breakthrough shows how God’s people can see the same results in our generation.” Secure your copy now!


Presenters include Jim Garlow, Beth Grant, James Davis, Walter Kaiser, Steve Riggle, Leonard Sweet and Stan Toler. The preaching process presented at the North American Conference On Biblical Preaching will save pastors approximately 20 percent of time each week and raise the level of effectiveness at the same time. Every preacher should learn these preaching principles and churches will be filled with people coming to Christ!


Pastoral Coaching

Do you desire to have God’s favor upon you all the days of your life? Not just for a season, but the entirety of your life? At the Nigeria Baptist Convention, during the Global Missions Hour, a leading Nigerian pastor who has planted 42 churches brought a powerful presentation on “How To Have The Favor Of God Your Entire Life” from Genesis 50:15-21. We can experience God’s favor by:


  1. Applying God’s Wisdom—Joseph matured through suffering. Joseph had discernment when his brothers came lying to him after Jacob’s death. If we are not careful, the enemy will use people to force us out of God’s favor.
  2. Growing in faith according to the promises of God. God’s promises will be filled in your life. Joseph was operating according to the promises of God, not simply the advice of men.
  3. Having the mind of Christ. Joseph spoke godly to his brothers and kept on the higher level and the big picture. The mind of Christ forgives and forgets.
  4. Demonstrating strong convictions for God’s plan for our lives. Joseph stayed on God’s vision for his life even though everything in the natural world was telling him to quit and give up. Joseph said, “You intended to hurt me but God used it to save many lives.”
  5. Going out to fulfill the favor of the Lord upon our lives.


Favor is better than labor. The higher the favor, the lower the labor. As a result of God’s favor upon Joseph’s life and his faithfulness to fulfill God’s will, countless people were saved. Let’s ask the Lord for favor to witness more people than ever coming to Christ in this generation! Blessings.


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

James O. Davis
COCHAIR/Global Networking
COFOUNDER/Billion Soul