More Than 400,000 Churches And Counting!


More people will be led to Christ in 2011 than in any previous year. Let’s all win our share, and bring them into our churches!


Dear Visionary Leader,

We witnessed firsthand the exponential growth of the Billion Soul Network throughout 2010. The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is the simple word, “extra.” As we approach the closing of this remarkable year, here are the top ten “extras” that moved Billion Soul from the ordinary to the extraordinary:


  1. The Synergize 2! Pastors Conference convened in January with pastors and leaders converging from every world region. The Billion Soul Library was released for the first time!
  2. The Latin America Billion Soul Summit convened in Cordova, Argentina. Carlos Belart hosted this summit at his church.
  3. The quintessential book on preaching, Gutenberg to Google: The Twenty Indispensable Laws of Communication was published and released at the Nigerian Baptist Convention.
  4. The North American Conference On Biblical Preaching convened in Houston, Texas. This dynamic training content is soon to be posted in the resource section of
  5. More than 1,000 denominations and 400,000 churches worldwide became connected to BSN.
  6. The Finish Line Summit convened in Delhi, India, with more than 120 of the largest unreached people groups being represented from Northern India.
  7. The launch of the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection set all time records. Only 2,000 sets are available on a first come basis (
  8. The Latin American Networking Summit in June synergized key regional leaders together to further fulfill the Great Commission.
  9. Funding was secured for the first ever Unreached People Training Center on the India-Nepal border.
  10. Major denominations made global shifts to aligning themselves toward helping to fulfill the Great Commission.


Network News


The Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection has been purchased by pastors and leaders in England, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, and throughout the United States. This world class collection contains the entirety of Dr. Rogers preaching ministry, consisting of more than 3,000 sermons representing each Bible book. Be sure to secure your collection before it is too late. Check out


The Great Commission Church Planting Mandate convenes on January 13-14, 2011, in Cleveland, Tennessee. Dr. Raymond Culpepper and Dr. James O. Davis are Cohosting this conference with key presenters including Dr. Timothy Hill, Dr. Ademola Ishola, Dr. David Sobrepeña, Rev. Suliasi Kurulo and many more. Hotel rooms are filling up! Make plans to join us! Check out


Visionary Coaching

Years ago, I remember standing on the curb at the airport in Springfield, Missouri, and meeting Dr. Gary Smalley for the first time. For many years, his writings had impacted my life.

As we wrap up 2010, I hope you will download the attached article, Problems And The Power Of God, that Dr. Smalley has prepared for us. In this life-changing article, he provides seven steps to breaking destructive cycles that shorten our lives. These steps include:


  1. Identify your problem areas. (1 Peter 5:7)
  2. Admit your inadequacy. (James 4:6-8)
  3. Cry out to God. (Psalm 50:15)
  4. Believe that God will rescue you. (Ephesians 2:4-5)
  5. Be willing to wait as long as it takes. (Psalm 130:5-6)
  6. Expect God to give you a breakthrough. (Ephesians 3:20-21)
  7. Pray faithfully and persistently. (Luke 11:10)


Let’s believe together for 2011 to be greatest and strongest ministry year ever! When the Children of Israel were in Egypt, they did not have enough; in the Wilderness, they had just enough; but in Canaan, they had more than enough. In the Wilderness they roamed around in the Wilderness until they died; but in Canaan they marched forward to the finish line.

Will you believe the Lord to help you to break the cycles that bring defeat and to build the systems that bring success? I look forward to being with you in the winner’s circle! Have a blessed New Years holiday.


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

James O. Davis
COCHAIR/Global Networking
COFOUNDER/Billion Soul