Hitting The Global Target


Top Church of God leaders, executives and pastors conduct strategic training and planning for extensive, rapid growth in church planting to double the size of the church in North America. 


Dear Visionary Leader,

Nearly seven hundred pastors, district overseers, and church leaders gathered in nine general sessions and 78 workshops for prayer and church planting in a jam-packed three days last weekend. The “Strategic Missional Leadership Conference—Engaging Prayer and Church Planting” represented Church of God leaders from all fifty US states and beyond.

For nearly six months, Raymond Culpepper, General Overseer of the Church of God, Timothy Hill, first assistant of the Church of God, Michael Knight, Chairman of the Church Planting Task force, James Davis of Billion Soul and many others worked diligently to execute one of the finest nationwide summits in recent history.

The overarching, strategic goal is to plant and train thousands of new church planters in the next ten years to help double the number of the Church of God churches in America. Watch for more in the months ahead regarding this “westward expansion.”


Network News


Paul Cole, President of the Christian Men’s Network, secured his copy of the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection. Pastors from Asia to Europe and everywhere in between have purchased copies. Be sure to secure your collection by calling 417-861-6645 before the limited supplies are gone.


Do you want to preach better? James Merritt has prepared a dynamic teaching entitled, “How To Preach Everywhere” on Billion.tv. You will learn all of the major aspects of interpretation, application and proclamation by one of the greatest preachers of the 21st century!


Winning My Race has now hit the marketplace! For nearly two years, Maximized Living and Billion Soul have been synergizing together to bring one of the finest holistic resources to help pastors and their congregations to have enough time and energy to fulfill their divine destiny. This life-saving resource will save your life! Check it out now!


Visionary Coaching

For nearly six months, I have reflected on the spiritual and geographical landscape of North America. Though there are nearly 400,000 churches in this world region, the Church has been losing ground for decades. This past week, I was afforded an opportunity to bring a presentation entitled, “How Shall We Succeed?” I believe the essence of synergistic steps will be helpful to you:

  1. End Vision: We are to begin with the end in mind. Rather than shooting the arrow and placing the target where the arrow is going, we choose to design the target first and then shoot the arrow! This is about accomplishment, not mere activity.
  2. Entry Plan: We choose not to enter Kansas City in the same way we would enter New York City. When beginning an initiative in different areas, unique adjustments need to be made for maximum effectiveness.
  3. Equip Planters: We move from addition to multiplication when we teach the principles required for effectiveness. If it is not worthy of reproduction, we choose not to produce it!
  4. Establish Churches: Some methods never change. Church planting is a Bible-based method for all generations until Christ comes. We choose to plant churches (1) where we are not, (2) where the people are and (3) where sin abounds.
  5. Evaluate Process: Each quarter the system and applications are measured as to how well they are helping us to fulfill the Great Commission. If they are slow and cumbersome, then they are modified and simplified.

Have you considered doubling yourself? Have you considered planting a church in the next year? Do you measure your life and ministry according to Great Commission standards? Let’s all evaluate our lives and ministries, talk to our friends, network with other pastors and leaders, and fulfill the Great Commission in our lifetime. Blessings!


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

James O. Davis
COCHAIR/Global Networking
COFOUNDER/Billion Soul