The Global Church Listening Forum 2 Report!




“The Global Church Listening Forum 2 At Foursquare Headquarters,
Los Angeles, California”


Dear Visionary Leader,


Billion Soul Greetings!


We just concluded the annual Global Church Listening Forum at the Foursquare Headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Global networking leaders converged to listen, learn and link together toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission.


This year’s gathering brought a strong focus to networking among the unreached people groups worldwide. It is the conviction of global minded leaders that it is possible for any pastor/leader to network, even in remote areas where the gospel has never been heard before. At the Global Church Listening Forum, a five step synergistic strategy was showcased to achieve this goal, along with a seven step success strategy within an unreached field. The first strategy was developed in North America and the second was designed in North India.


Additionally, the highly acclaimed, How To Make Your Net Work by James Davis, Cofounder/Billion Soul Network, was officially released at the Global Church Listening Forum. Be sure to get to your copy soon!





The essence of these seven steps include:

  • End Vision
  • Entry Strategy
  • Evangelism
  • Effective Discipleship
  • Establish Churches
  • Equip Leaders
  • Evaluation

More information will forthcoming in the months ahead in the Networking Among Unreached Peoples on

During the Global Church Listening Forum, video taping continued for the Global Church Learning Center. Powerful courses were taught by Joann Webster/Paul Cole, Alex Mitala, Glenn Burris, Doug Beacham and Jack Hayford. Be sure to check out the Global Church Learning Center today!

At the Global Church Learning Center, there are several different kinds of memberships available. Each pastor/leader can secure a core membership, unlimited membership, team membership or scholarship. Simply go to and check it out today.





I submit to you that any pastor or Christian leader can become globally networked today. In order for this to happen, there has to be first of all a mind set change followed by local and global applications. Here are the five simple steps to connecting with any unreached people group in the world:


  • Seek The Unreached (Christians in an unreached group)
  • Save The Unreached (Connect with the neighbors of the area)
  • Synergize With The Unreached (Organizations, Missionaries or denominations in the area)
  • Sow Into The Unreached (Connect with key people outside of the nation but in the same world region)
  • Send To The Unreached (Network with pastors/leaders outside the region where the unreached people is located.)


I believe you will find these five steps empowering and enlightening in the years ahead. In my latest book, How To Make Your Net Work, these five networking steps are outlined in greater detail. I encourage you to get a copy as soon as possible. The Lord is doubling His Church! Let’s speed it up as much as possible! Blessings.


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

James O. Davis
CoChair/Global Networking
Cofounder/Billion Soul