Synergize 4 Sets New Records: A Must Read!


Dear Visionary Leader:

Billion Soul Greetings!

We are grateful to announce that 2,100 pastors and leaders converged at Synergize 4 and more than 80,000 joined us online. These pastors and leaders represented at least 60 nations and 100 different denominations and organizations. The more we synergize together the more we can evangelize together! It was a joy to visit with key leaders from around the world. I remember, for example, one time fellowshipping with three leaders from Cameroon, Fiji and Lebanon. Dr. David Mohan, CoChair/India says, “The Lord has raised up the Billion Soul Network to help synergize the Body of Christ toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission. The biannual Synergize Conference is growing in popularity and momentum worldwide”. During Synergize 4, several global partnerships were announced with follow-up plans in place to ensure great success.


David Mohan Brings A Global Challenge; Tommy Barnett, James O. Davis & Greg Surratt



At Synergize 4, the Billion Soul Network and Valley Forge Christian College forged a global partnership to assist pastors/leaders throughout the Body of Christ. When pastors and leaders choose to take the courses of the Global Church Learning Center, they also have the option to take these courses to be transferred toward a Bachelors or a Masters Degree. Billion Soul Network members can also receive between 20% to 40% off their college tuition rate based upon where they live. More information will be forthcoming in the days ahead!

The Global Church Learning Center continues to remain on schedule with the rollout of its courses. During Synergize 4, twenty-one more courses were videotaped and now will be edited on a monthly basis. Be sure to check out GCLC today!


Don Meyer, President of Valley Forge Christian College with James O. Davis



The world of publishing has radically changed in the last ten years. For many years, there has been “traditional publishing” and “self-publishing.” Yet, now the Billion Soul Network is bringing to the global stage, “network publishing.” Network publishing allows authors to maintain his/her copyrights, while at the same releasing their books worldwide. At the touch of a few clicks books can be printed in any world region and released into specific markets. If you believe there is a book inside you, then be sure to contact David Welday III, he and his team will be honored to assist you!



For six years, the vision for Global HUBS of Christianity has been strategized for global impact. During the Synergize 4 Pastors Conference, this reproducible vision was unfolded for attendees and the international audience online. In the next three years, forty HUBS will be opened worldwide. A HUB synergizes the best relationships, systematizes the best training and strategizes for the unreached peoples in the region. The top thirty courses of the Global Church Learning Center has become the standardized curriculum to be taught in the Global HUBS of Christianity. Be on the lookout for a HUB coming near you!




The Synergize 4 Training Collection Download is available until February 8, 2014. All of the sessions of Synergize 4 are available through a complete digital download to your computer. Each digital download contains all of the power points that were utilized during the conference. The cost is only $79. On February 10, everyone who has purchased Synergize 4 Training Collection, will receive a promo code and an Internet link to obtain their personal copy of all the Synergize 4 Presentations. In addition, each person will also receive all of the presentations from Synergize 3 as a FREE gift. Be sure to purchase your collection today.


Chip Ingram, Leonard Sweet & Dave Stone


Please take a few moments to pray for this ministry. We desperately need your prayers as we continue to move synergistically forward in 2014. We also encourage you to consider adding the Billion Soul Network into your monthly missions support. Every $25 helps us to do our part to plant a church somewhere in the world! Thank you for your prayerful and financial support.

If we can further serve you please let us know. Blessings.


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

Dr. James O. Davis
Cofounder / Billion Soul Network
Founder / Cutting Edge International