The Billion Soul Summit: Jakarta, Indonesia Report



Dear Visionary Leader:


At the recent Billion Soul Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia we heard outstanding presentations from international leaders from New Zealand, Indonesia and the United States. The current population of Jakarta exceeds 20 million people, with approximately 25% of this population having heard the Gospel of Christ. Pastors and Christian leaders came from throughout Indonesia with a focus of “True Love” in the Body of Christ. The speaker lineup included:


  • Kenneth C. Ulmer, Senior Pastor, Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles, USA
  • Alex Tanuseputra, Pastor Emeritus, Bethany Church, Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Eddy Leo, Founding Pastor, Abba Love, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Elmer Towns, Cofounder, Liberty University, Lynchburg, USA
  • James O. Davis, Cofounder, Billion Soul, Orlando, USA
  • Mark Balmer, Founding Pastor, Calvary Chapel, Melbourne, USA
  • Mark Mortlock, City Impact Church, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Tim Look, City Impact Church, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Philip Mantofa, Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Jimmy Oentoro, Jakarta, Indonesia


In the months ahead, these powerful presentations will become available in the Global Church Learning Center ( Approximately 1,500 pastors and Christian leaders received GCLC scholarships and will be able to begin taking courses in Leadership Development, Global Missions, Evangelism/Discipleship, Church Multiplication and Visionary Networking. If you have not checked out GCLC, you don’t know what you are missing!





We Are The Church by Leonard Sweet and James O. Davis was released at the Billion Soul Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia. This global book officially made its debut in Indonesia before in the United States. Jack Hayford states, We Are the Church makes revolutionary and powerful statements we all need to hear and lessons that need to become fixed in our minds, so as to ensure the impact of the Church for the future. As we move forward together in the mission that God has for all of us, there can be no doubt that if the Great Commission is ever to be realized in any generation to come, it will take the collective Body of Christ to fulfill it. Click here to secure your copy today!



Convening on January 20-22, 2015, in Melbourne, Florida. Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer, Senior Pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angles, CA, Dr. Mark Williams, General Overseer for the Church of God, Cleveland, TN, and Dr. James O. Davis, Cofounder of the Billion Soul Network, will be the three distinguished teachers. Only 24 seats remain for this historic gathering of pastors and leaders who wish improve their preaching skills in the 21st Century. Register today and makes plans to attend the North American Roundtable On Biblical Preaching in winter, 2015, in sunny Florida!



On July 3-6, 2014, a Billion Soul Summit will convene in Santiago, Chile. Senior Pastor Eduardo Duran Castro, First Pentecostal Methodist Church and James O. Davis, Cofounder, Billion Soul Network, will host this strategic summit. The First Pentecostal Methodist Church continues to be one of the largest and strongest churches in the Body of Christ today. Hundreds of pastors and key Christian leaders will synergize their efforts together for the equipping of leaders for church planting, networking and missions. Elmer Towns, Cofounder of Liberty University will also bring keynote teachings to all of the leaders of this world region.




In Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer‘s message entitled, “The Forgotten Baptism,” he stated at the Billion Soul Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia: Leaders lead with vision. At one time or another, we are caught in a vision, a so called ‘tug of war’. We want to please God and hear his voice. On the one hand, we can struggle with the intoxication of success. We can desire to succeed at such great lengths that we can compromise our character. This tug of war can become tumultuous for a period of time.

On the other hand, however, there is the devastation of insignificance. This devastation can be deeply felt when we compare ourselves with the others in the ministry in general or to other pastors in particular. There are times when we can ask, “Does this matter at all? Does my sacrifice really matter or make any eternal difference?

In Habakkuk 2:2, there is an exhortation about vision. Maybe God has given you a vision for your church or your ministry. Don’t back away from it! Take the vision and write it down or type it in your computer. Then, you can pass it on and run with it. The Habakkuk 2:2 vision does not begin in Habakkuk 2:2. The vision of Habakkuk 2:2 begins in Habakkuk 1:1,with a burden. All God-sized visions begin with burden…the burden of the Lord. We must ask the question, “What is your God-given burden?” It is burden that gives birth to vision. It is the burden in the Spirit that brings forth the vision in the natural.

Yet, there is a problem with vision. Every visionary knows that sometimes the vision is not clear. Vision is like a video, an ongoing revelation of God’s will. At any point or a moment in your life, you are walking on a “frozen frame” of the ongoing vision of God’s will. It is the “frozen frame” that stops time. A leadership problem develops when a vision-seer tries to lead the body of Christ with a snapshot instead of a visionary video. A picture freezes a timeframe in the past. You can not live the same way you did in the past. You cannot lead your people forward by showing a picture of the past.

Every leader knows the midnight hour of the soul. There are times that he/she will ask, “How do I get out of this? How do I not fail? What do I do next? The Lord calls you to himself and freshly baptizes you and gives you a clearer vision. God’s hand is still on you! He still has a plan for your life and will lead you. It is in these times of the midnight hour, that the leader must decide to share his/her heart with the followers. They will follow you when you share your heart. The key to your vision is not just becoming a better leader; the key to the God-given vision is the follower.

In this age of the “leadership motif” it is very important for us to remember that first the Lord has called us to be followers and not leaders. Second, the Lord has not called all of us to be leaders or there would be no followers. One of the greatest marks of leadership is found in the quality of our followership. I highly recommend that you read, “I Am A Follower” by Leonard Sweet. It is the first follower that ultimately makes all the difference in your God-given vision! Blessings.


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

Dr. James O. Davis
Cofounder / Billion Soul Network
Cochair / Global Networking