Suliasi Kurulo’s Life Story: From The Ends Of The Earth


Dear Visionary Leader:


Billion Soul Greetings! Dr. Suliasi Kurulo is the epitome of a pastor who has taken seriously and literally the fulfillment of the Great Commission. This statement is not to imply or infer that other pastors and leaders are not achieving phenomenal outcomes in the world today. In fact, a lot of their stories make me often feel like I have not gotten out of bed as they literally impact their respective worlds with Christ!


Just think about this: In the last 24 years, through the visionary leadership of Pastor Kurulo:


  • Every Fijian home has heard the Gospel on more than 300 islands
  • All 22 Oceania nations have been impacted, even in the most difficult areas
  • More than 5,000 churches planted in 110 nations, primarily among unreached people groups


The words of Dr. James Hudson Taylor IV continue to echo in mind: “The mission field has become a mission force.” I often say, “We are moving from parenting to partnering. It is no longer the West going to the Rest, but the Best around the world going to the Rest of the world.”


In latest book, From The Ends Of The Earth, Suliasi writes:


In 1991, I had a dream that one day we would plant a Bible believing, Christ centered, Spirit-filled and mission minded church. I had a dream that we would own land and build churches. I had a dream that we would build a World Class Bible School where we would train and equip workers and send them to the mission fields around the world. I had a dream to build a Christian radio and television station. I had a dream to have a Christian printing press, build primary schools and secondary schools and a university. I had a dream to plant churches in every nation on earth. I had a dream that we would raise up millionaires in the church to fund the end time harvest. I had a dream to develop a need-oriented ministry that ministers the Word of God effectively to the needs of the community. I had a dream that one day the church would be totally debt free, that we would not be a borrower from any person or bank but only be a lender and a blessing to the ends of the earth. Every day we are getting closer to that end.


Listen in Suliasi’s own words as to where the Global Church is going in the next few years. This pungent video will enlighten you about the future and build your faith at the same time. From The Ends Of The Earth will move your heart, mind and spirit to believe our Lord for supernatural outcomes in our personal lives. This book is a must for every Kingdom-minded leader today who wants to know where the Global Church is headed this century. I believe every Christian should purchase this book and ten more copies for their closest friends! Visit to get your copy today!





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In April, 2013, I was fortunate to minister again at Pastor Kurulo’s annual missions convention. His annual missions convention has become the largest event each year throughout the Fijian Islands. I have often said to pastors, “If you would like to see one of the greatest missions conventions in the world today, pack up and go to the World Harvest Center, Suva, Fiji. During this missions convention, we synergized our efforts together to launch the Oceania HUB Of Christianity. A Global HUB synergizes the best relationships, systematizes the best training and strategizes for the unreached people groups in the region.


As we move into the second-half of 2014, I challenge you to:


  • Move from production to reproduction.
  • Measure your life toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
  • Motivate your fellow-leaders and friends to pray for the unreached peoples of the world.
  • Maximize each day as it was your last one on the earth.
  • Manage your treasures effectively.
  • Maintain a good pace, as this is a marathon and not a 100 meter sprint.
  • Multiply your life through writing articles and books.


On Father’s Day weekend, while Suliasi was ministering in Orlando, my wife, Sheri, Olivia, Priscilla and I were able to visit with him. It was a joy to hear his latest plans and missionary stories. When Dr. Leonard Sweet and I were writing, We Are The Church we highly featured the life and ministry Pastor Kurulo and the World Harvest Center.


The Finish Line is within this generation’s reach. More than 100,000 are coming to Christ each day. Let’s turn decisions into disciples and move from adding to multiplying as fast possible. Blessings.


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

Dr. James O. Davis
Cofounder / Billion Soul Network
Cochair / Global Networking