The Launch Of The Global HUBS In America! You Are Invited!



Dear Visionary Leader:


We are experiencing the circumference of Christianity! We are watching a seismic shift of the West going to the Rest to the Best around the world going to the Rest of the world. The glorious gospel that went out from the west over the last 200 years ago to the ends of the earth is now coming back from the ends of the earth to the West.


Dr. David Dykes, senior pastor of Green Acres Baptist Church, and Cochair/Healthy Church, and I are inviting you to join us for the launch of the Global HUBS to Christianity in the United States of America. The initial launch of at least 35 US based HUBS will take place at Green Acres Baptist Church on November 11-13, 2014.


We are grateful for the Global HUBS of Christianity that have been launched in many world regions in the last two years. If you are interested in being a trainer in one of the HUBS or would like to consider being a US based HUB, host, then take a few moments to contact at As HUBS continue to be deployed, we are believing the Lord for a sweeping, weeping and reaping revival. Will you make plans to join us?



* Synergize the Best Relationships *

From the very beginning of the Billion Soul Network, one of the strategic goals has been to find out what the Lord is doing throughout the earth and tie relational knots for the completing of the Great Commission. When pastors and leaders come to a US-based HUB, they will have the opportunity to meet some of the finest Kingdom minded pastors and leaders throughout their area. The more we synergize together, the more we can evangelize together!


* Systematize the Best Resources *

The Global Church Training Curriculum was finalized and launched in Northern and Southern India in September, 2014. The response was more than we could ever imagine! The top 30 courses of the Global Church Learning Center where developed into a powerful and personal, life-changing curriculum to help pastors regardless of the size of their church to develop leadership, missions, multiplication, discipleshipand networking skills! Everyone who attends a US-based hub will also gain access to the Global Church Learning Center. Our philosophy of training includes online, on-ground and on-time. Will you make plans to join us?


* Strategize for Unreached People *

During HUB training, the ultimate focus is to bring men and women to a face-to-face understanding of who Jesus Christ is and to make a way for them to find Christ as their personal Savior. We do not know of a Christ centered pastor anywhere, who does not want more souls to be saved and disciples to be developed toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission in their area or region.


I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to make plans to join us for the US based launch of the Global Hubs of Christianity in America. If you are interested in being a trainer in one of the HUBS or would like to consider being a US based HUB, host, then take a few moments to contact at At the time of this writing, fifteen HUB sites are already confirmed in the United States. Will you make plans to join us? I sure hope you will! Blessings!


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

Dr. James O. Davis
Cofounder / Billion Soul Network
Cochair / Global Networking