The Seven Benefits To A Spirit Empowered Church!


The Seven Benefits Of A Spirit Empowered Church

John 7:37-39; Ezekiel 47


Do you want to have an average church or a normal church? Do you want to be a container or do you want to be a channel? Do you want your church to be a reservoir or do your church to be a river? How you answer these questions is going to determine your future. At the upcoming Synergize 2016 Pastors & Leaders Conference, we will be focusing more than ever on the spiritual dimensions of ministry.

One morning Jesus Christ stood in the middle of a religious crowd as a ceremony was coming to a close. The priest had just taken a pitcher filled with water, and he poured it upon the altar symbolizing salvation. The people have danced and they have shouted and now they’re making their way home. And Jesus cries aloud and he says, “If any man is thirsty, let him come unto me and drink and he that believes in me as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” Jesus knew that on the next day that the people would have a memory but they would not have reality. So Jesus Christ cries aloud to try to get the attention of the religious crowd.

Do you know what Jesus Christ was trying to say then? Do you know what Jesus Christ is trying to say today? He was simply saying stop enduring religion and start enjoying revival. God is sending revival to this world and God is looking for pastors and leaders who want to be a part of this last-day revival.

We Need To Realize The Secret To Spirit Empowerment


What is the secret to an outpouring of the Holy Spirit? It is the Church that often makes it complicated. Jesus Christ keeps in simple. What is the secret to Spirit empowerment in our heart, home and harvest? The answer is thirst. In fact, He was talking about the rivers of the Holy Spirit flowing through our lives.

I do not know how much of the Lord we have, but we have just as much of the Lord as we want. We determine our level of victory every day. Jesus is looking for thirsty churches. Did you know a shallow thirst produces a shallow satisfaction? There is a difference between thirstiness and emptiness. My automobile has been “on empty” many times, but it has never been thirsty one time. I have purchased gas not for a “thirsty tank” but an empty one.

If we are going to have Spirit-empowered churches, we’ve have to move to the place where we don’t just focus on our emptiness but we begin to focus on our thirstiness. We need to pray, “Lord, we are thirsty and we want to be filled with the power of the Spirit of God.” Click here to download the entire message!


We To Need To Remember The Supply Of Spirit Empowerment


Jesus said, “If any man is thirsty, let him come unto me and drink and he that believes in me as the Scripture has said.” What Jesus was saying was based upon the Word of God. He wasn’t simply espousing a new truth. The Word of God had already declared it, and he was reiterating it to the people. I believe Jesus was talking about a prophetic river found in Ezekiel Chapter 47.

Jesus Christ is not offering us a stream, but a miraculous river. Christ is not offering something that is out of touch or outdated. He is offering Spirit empowerment that will change our ministries and our churches forever.

At the upcoming Synergize 2016 Pastors & Leaders Conference, we will bring focus to the seven benefits of the Spirit Empowered Church. I hope you will make plans to be with us! I want to paint a picture on the canvas of your mind and heart of the kind of Spirit empowered church that Christ wants us to have every week. Jesus is offering a Holy Empowerment. He’s offering us a holy river. Why do we need a holy river? Christ has called us to live a holy life. Yet, in our own strength, our lives and ministries will fail to express holiness inside the church and outside before the world.

We not only need a holy empowerment, but we need a Humble Empowerment. The river flows under the door in Ezekiel 47. Humility is the doorway to teach-ability. We need to learn what our Lord is doing around the world. Every week we need a fresh outpouring of the power of the Holy Spirit.

As the river of God flows, it travels by the altar. We need a Healthy Empowerment. If we plan to be a part of this last day revival, we have to understand that the gateway is the altar. The altar is on onramp to the river of revival. Every aspect of our lives and ministries are to be healthy and reproductive for years to come. Everyone one who attends Synergize 2016, if he or she desires, will be personally prayed over for the Lord richly bless their lives and ministries.

Every great “move of God” starts small, but it doesn’t stay small. Ever mighty river has a source or a beginning. Yet, it goes and grows as it flows. We need a High-Rising Empowerment. In Ezekiel 47, the man of God walks from the river bank to the river and begins to measure the river. We have been on the banks too long! I believe it’s time for us to get off the bank and get in the river and go where God wants us to go. Instead of measuring what we are doing, we need to begin to measure our lives in light of what God is doing.

As the man of God surveys this powerful, transforming river, there comes a time that he gets in over his head and becomes part of the river. Christ is offering us a Harmonizing Empowerment. In other words, it is possible for us to get “in sync” with the Holy Spirit and with the Church. Harmony allows pastors and leaders to apply their divine gifts in a flexible and creative manner that adds value to one other and keeps the “end game in mind” at the same time.

We also need a Healing Empowerment. Did you know Jesus is offering us a healing river? The Bible says that as this river flows, it began to transform the desert. Spirit-empowerment deals with dry places in our lives. The Holy Spirit wants to transform our barrenness into fruitfulness. The river flows through the desert and it ends up at the Dead Sea. The Lord first of all deals with the dry places and then the dead places. Do you have any dead places in your church? The Holy Spirit wants to heal our dry places and our dead places.

And, if the above was not grand enough, our Lord is offering us a Harvest Empowerment. When the river of God, gets to the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea is transformed from death to life. If we went to the Dead Sea today, there are two things we will not find: fish and fishermen. But when the River of Life gets there, there will be fish and fishermen. Our Lord wants us to be able to catch fish where we have never caught fish before!

Why should we settle for the average church when the Lord wants us to have the normal church? Why should we settle for a reservoir when the Lord is offering us a river? Why should we desire to be containers when the Lord wants us to be channels? Why should we settle for the breeze of a ceiling fan when the Lord is offering us a mighty rushing wind? We encourage you to make plans now to attend the Synergize 2016 Pastors & Leaders Conference in gorgeous Orlando, Florida.