Fifty Global Hubs Are Opening In Central & Latin America! Read The Story!



Dear Visionary Leader,


Relational knots are being tied throughout Central and Latin America for the greatest harvest of all time. In the next few years, the missional goal is to open at least fifty Global Hubs of Christianity throughout these regions. In addition to relational knots being tied, we have the opportunity to share stories of many of the finest Christians leaders of the Global Church today.


Just over twenty years ago, Pastor Antonino Garcia began a church in Panama City, Panama. He and his church are members of the Assemblies of God. Today, the church averages 4,000 each weekend, comprised of 500 cell groups. In recent years, they have also been planting new churches in Panama. One of Antonino’s goals is to become a globally networked pastor, connecting his church to key Christian leaders worldwide.


The Panama City Hub recently completed session one of the Global Church Training Curriculum with nearly 400 pastors and leaders from the area. In a two-year period of time, Hub participants will meet on four occasions to be taught the top thirty courses of the Global Church Learning Center. In addition, every Hub member has access to all of GCLC training. When these 400 leaders complete their courses there will be a graduation and commissioning service for them! While the main sessions of the Hub were taking place, several more courses were videotaped for the Global Church Learning Center. Daniel Daves and his team did a remarkable job in the videotaping of these powerful courses.


Pastor Mark Sartin, from Orlando, Florida and Evangelist Doyle Jones are the two Hub trainers for the Panama City Hub over the next two years. Mark is the Founding Pastor of Grace Fellowship and Doyle has pioneered more than 40 churches in Central & Latin America. James Davis taught “How To Make Your Net Work” and showcased the Global Church Learning Center.


Another report will be coming soon regarding the Bogota Hub Training that is currently taking place!









There are basically two kinds of people in life. There are those who make deposits and those who make withdrawals. We need the kind of friends in our life who make deposits. I realize that there are exceptions to this statement. There are instances where our friends cannot make a deposit into us due to what they may be going through for a period of time.

What kind of friends do you have? What kind of friend are you? We attract who we are; not what we want in life. Have you ever seen someone walking toward you and you prayed, “Lord, please come and take us to heaven!” Have you have ever left the presence of another person feeling refreshed? We are to be a refreshing Christian, an inspirational friend. Here is an acronym to help find great friends and keep them:


F ind Them– If you will show yourself friendly you will have more friends than you have ever imagined. Take the time to seek out new relationships, even if it means traveling great distances.

R espect Them– Treat your friends the way you want to be treated. Also, be sure to treat someone else’s friends with the respect their friends give to them. I have seen people take advantage of other people’s friends for self gain.

I nvest In Them– Be sure to ask about their families. The most important relationship in a person’s life is his/her family. If they have children, get to know their names. When you learn something valuable be sure to pass it along to them. If you wish to be valuable, then add value!

E ncourage Them– Everybody needs at least one Barnabas in their life. As you know, it was Barnabas who built a bridge for the Apostle Paul to become connected with the Early Church. Be a bridge builder instead of a fence builder.

N etwork With Them– Take the time to do life together. Maybe there is a missional project that the both of you or a group of friends can do together. Be sure to pray together.

D iscuss With Them-When it is appropriate be transparent with your close friends. Being open with them will let them know how much you value them and it will give them the opportunity to pour in godly wisdom into your life.

S ucceed With Them– There is nothing like the smell of victory with our friends. An African proverb is: “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to be successful, then take someone else with you.” When we take our friends on the journey of success together, the memories will pull the two of you or the group even tighter together.


We are known by the company we keep. I challenge you to make a new friend this week. We will need as many great friends of possible to achieve significance in this short life. Blessings.


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

Dr. James O. Davis
Cofounder / Billion Soul Network
Cochair / Global Networking