Building Your Faith For The End Of An Age!



Dear Visionary Leader,

We are living in the end of an era. When short men cast long shadows, one knows that the sun is about to set. These are not ordinary times! As we move forward into the future, we’re going to need faith for the end of an age.

In Hebrews 11:6 we read, “It is impossible to please God without faith.” If we please the Lord, then it doesn’t matter who we displease. However, if we displease the Lord, it doesn’t matter who we please. Faith is foundational to the Christian life. The root of all sin is unbelief. It was unbelief that caused Adam & Eve to disobey God in the Garden of Eden thousands of years ago.

When we speak of faith, we are not talking about wishing for something to happen or hoping for something to happen. Faith is belief with legs on it. We are called to stand in our faith, not to soak, sit and sour. As the Billion Soul Network continues to expand and enlarge itself around the globe, the Lord is raising up men and women who are filled with great faith to help finish the Great Commission in this generation.








I believe that there are at least five rock solid steps for us to take in order to build our faith for the end of this age. The steps come from Hebrews 11:7-11. I have highlighted these biblical steps below.


The Voice Of Faith: The Word of God says that Abraham was called by God. In other words, Abraham knew the voice of God. Do you know the voice of God? Do you systematically spend time with the King of the Universe? Do you faithfully study the Word of God? If all the pages in the Bible were removed that you do not read, how big would your Bible be? We have to find time to get alone with the Lord!


The Venture Of Faith: After Abraham heard the voice of God, he then ventured out to follow God. In fact, Abraham went out not knowing where he was going. We are to obey the Lord when we understand it and when we do not. Obedience is not simply based upon us comprehending everything our Lord is telling us.


The Value Of Faith: Abraham lived in tents like Isaac and Jacob would later do. Even though Abraham could have afforded just about anything in his day, he chose to live in a tent. Abraham viewed himself as a pilgrim, passing through this life, on his way to heaven. Abraham was not a fugitive running from home; a vagabond without a home; but, a pilgrim on his way home. When we fall in love with this world we become a junk collector. There is nothing that this world has that compares to what the Lord is preparing for us in heaven!


The Vision Of Faith: The visionary leader sees first, sees longest and sees the furthest. Abraham was looking for a city who’s architect and builder was God. He was able to see the invisible and was able to do the impossible. All Christian leaders need to pray for a glimpse of glory and for a vision of the city that God is building for us. We must keep your eyes on the target every day of our lives.


The Victory Of Faith: Abraham was told by the Lord that his blessings would be in numerable like the stars and the sand. When we are faithful to fulfill our divine destiny, God will bless our lives in ways that we cannot name and cannot number. We will experience the compounding interest of faith in our lives over the decades.


I challenge us to live out our godly faith for the end of an age. We are watching prophecies being fulfilled every month. The Great Commission will be fulfilled in this generation. Soon and very soon, Jesus Christ will break through the eastern sky to unite the bride in the bridegroom forever!


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

Dr. James O. Davis
Cofounder / Billion Soul Network
Cochair / Global Networking