The Top Ten Qualities Of A Kingdom Minded Church!



Dear Visionary Leader,

Have our evangelism goals become root-bound like Redwood trees stuffed into flower pots? Has our vision of pastoring a growing and going church been dimmed by the constant lack of true discipleship on the part of our people? How many Sundays in the last year were our altars filled with broken-hearted people coming to faith in Christ for the first time? How many people were saved in the last twelve months, becoming genuine disciples in our churches? These are tough questions for Church leaders to answer today. Yet, I contend, if we do not evangelize, we will fossilize. If we do not grow and go, then we will dry and die. There are no other options for us as Christian leaders.

As an evangelist, I have been privileged to travel nearly nine million miles to more than 120 nations. I have made it a practice to listen and learn, and to watch and write about outstanding pastors and churches in the Global Church. In the weeks ahead, I will highlight the Top Ten Qualities of a Kingdom Minded Church in “Visionary Coaching” below, discovered throughout the years, that govern churches on the cutting edge of evangelism and discipleship. I hope you enjoy them!







The first quality of birthing and building an outstanding New Testament Church is to “Redefine Our Purpose.” There must be a sense of mission in the church before people will be activated toward a genuine, powerful expression of evangelism. Just as there must be direction before the departure of an airplane, the local church will never rise to its full potential without a purpose. I have noticed a magnetism of a mission in churches throughout the world.

Evangelistic churches do not base their mission on the clock or calendar, but on the compass. They are not driven by dates and deadlines alone, but by direction. What they do on a weekly basis flows out of where they are going in ministry. Purpose determines our priorities, priorities design our programs; and programs dictate our procedures for our people. Unless we underestimate the motivation of mission, we must remember that Jesus gave the Great Commission to His first disciples. Soul winning pastors know why their church exists where it does in their city. I challenge you to prayerfully consider your leadership purpose and align your time, talents and treasures accordingly. Blessings!


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

Dr. James O. Davis
Cofounder / Billion Soul Network
Cochair / Global Networking