The Top Ten Qualities Of A Kingdom Minded Church – Part Two!



Dear Visionary Leader,

Last week, the Greater Syracuse Global Hub convened at the New York Ministry Network Office in Liverpool, New York. Pastors and leaders came from throughout the State of New York. Each Global Hub will meet for four sessions over a two-year period. There will be thirty courses taught from the Global Church Training Curriculum. These thirty courses are comprised of leadership development, global missions, church multiplication, evangelism/discipleship and visionary networking. Over the next two years, the dynamic trainers of the Greater Syracuse Global Hub will include, Leonard Sweet, James O. Davis, Ejaz Nabie, Kevin Roach, Duane Durst, Elmer Towns and Kenneth Ulmer.

Regardless of where you live, be sure to reach out to the nearest Global Hub in your area and become of a hub member today. You and your ministry will exponentially grow through the teaching that you will receive in the months ahead. It is a proven fact that when an investment grows by 7% each year, then the amount of the investment will double in size in 11 years. With this in mind, then apply these percentages to your personal growth track. When you are personally growing by 7%, then your personhood will double in size in 11 years. Make plans to double and join a hub today!








Every church has its own personality. If the pastor has served an extended length of time, his/her personality is seen and felt throughout the church. The fastest way to familiarize myself with the local church is to know its pastor. Churches that are impacting their city or community for Christ are unlike the next church down the street. Rather, they have a unique personality within their respected location. Their people like the distinctives that make the personality of their church different from others. If a church is known more for its’ “steeple” than its “people,” then in time it will be known more by its past that its present. What is your church known for in your city? What makes your church unique before Christians and non-Christians?

Over the years, I have watched pastors of various churches and leaders of different organizations try to mimic or copy what other pastors or leaders have done. There is nothing wrong with learning new approaches and applications from other people. However, when a person tries to apply a new approach or implement a new method without really taking the time to think it through, the outcomes are not normally what the pastor or the leader had hoped for in their ministry. There are riches in niches!


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

Dr. James O. Davis
Cofounder / Billion Soul Network
Cochair / Global Networking