One Of Greatest Missions Conventions In The World Is Next Week!



Dear Visionary Leader,

More than twenty-five years ago, Dr. Suliasi Kurulo, founded the World Harvest Center in Suva, Fiji. Since those early days, the World Harvest Center has become the strongest church in Oceania and one of the most strategic, missional churches in the world. Over this same timespan, Dr. Kurulo and his team have helped to plant more than 5,000 churches, in 115 nations, primarily among the hardest unreached people groups. The Lord has empowered Suliasi to become a globally networked pastor to help finish the Great Commission. Additionally, he serves as the CoChair/Oceania & Unreached People Groups for the Billion Soul Network.

On April 24, 2016, Pastor Kurulo will host the annual World Harvest Missions Convention in Suva, Fiji. More than 8,000 pastors and leaders will gather from Oceania to synergize their efforts together for church planting, global networking and strategic thinking for the evangelizing of the lost worldwide. Some of the speakers include:


  • Elmer Towns, Cofounder of Liberty University, Best Selling Author and CoChair/Dean of the Global Church Learning Center (, in Lynchburg, VA
  • Edgar Holder, Founding Pastor of Living Stone Ministries, in Rotterdam, Holland
  • James O. Davis, Cofounder of The Billion Soul Network in Orlando, Florida.
  • Suliasi Kurulo, Founder of the World Harvest Center and Christian Missionary Fellowship International, in Suva, Fiji.


More information will be forthcoming next week regarding this outstanding and exciting World Harvest Missions Convention.








I have enjoyed viewing more than two hundred church drawings and walking through more than three hundred churches under construction. I have carefully listened to the “tone” of the pastor’s voice as he/she described his/her vision for the church. Out of sincere interest, I have asked probing questions about the design of the new building. Without exception, there has been passion in his/her voice as he/she described the present and future of the congregation. What makes pastors and their congregations put on their dungarees and work long hours to build a new worship center, gymnasiums, educational wings and youth chapels? I believe it is passion for the purpose.

Over the years, I have invited thousands of people to attend local church crusade services. They have shared with me their problems, pains and pleasures in life. Yet, when we conversed about their church, there has been a sense of pride and passion for their pastor and their church. They love where they worship God. Even though purpose is the motivation behind these Kingdom minded churches, passion drives them to excellence when evangelizing the lost and equipping the saints. Let us always remember that it was God’s love for this world that drove Him to send his only Son to die for us.

Do you love what you are becoming and doing? Is there a sense of passion in your heart to continue to push forward? Have you enjoyed your ministry more in the past than you do today? As we continue to move forward with our lives and with our respective ministries, I believe we need to encircle our lives with the right people, allowing them to also minister to us while we continue to minister to others. Additionally, all of us will need at some time or another, for our Lord to once again to spark the God-given passion to set the hearts of our people on fire for Christ and His Kingdom work! Blessings.


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

Dr. James O. Davis
Cofounder / Billion Soul Network
Cochair / Global Networking