3.5 Million New Churches And 725 Million Salvations. Read The Update Today!



Dear Visionary Leader,

Last week, the Billion Soul Network crossed another major measurement milestone. The Billion Soul Network was launched in January, 2002, at the Beyond All Limits Conference, in Orlando, Florida. At this global conference, more than 5,000 pastors and leaders converged together, from scores of different streams of Christianity.

In September, 2005, more than 500 key leaders chose to synergize their efforts together to bring focus on doubling the size of the Church, moving from one billion Christians to two billion Christian between a ten to fifteen year period of time. This synergistic focus is five million new churches for a billion soul harvest in ten to fifteen years. As of last week, 3.5 million new church plants have happened and 725 million people have come to Christ!



Presently, the Billion Soul Network has more than 500,000 churches from 2,200 different organizations, participating in different levels of involvement. Be sure to check out all of the happenings at Billion Soul Network (www.Billion.tv) and help to get the message out to your friends, partners and fellow-leaders.








As we continue our series, The Top Ten Qualities Of A Kingdom-Minded Church, quality number six is Pentecostal. Throughout the Body of Christ today, there are three kinds of Churches: 1) Non-Pentecostal; 2) part-time Pentecostal; and, 3) Full-time Pentecostal. The non-Pentecostal has doctrine without demonstration or demonstration without doctrine. One knows how to exegete the Scripture and the other knows how to expect the supernatural. Obviously, the answer for this kind of Church is to combine the Word with wonders and the wonders with the Word. Immaturity describes the Non-Pentecostal church.

The part-time Pentecostal church used to be a full-time Pentecostal church. Nevertheless this kind of church has become “too familiar” with doctrine, duty and demonstration. If we are not careful, we begin to take for granted the miraculous dimension of the Christian life. In this church, the people have settled for the breeze of the ceiling fan rather than the mighty rushing wind. The Holy Spirit moves on occasions, but there is not a consistent manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The people who attend this kind a church have a tendency to follow signs rather than signs follow them. While immaturity describes the non-Pentecostal church, inconsistency defines the part-time Pentecostal church.

The full-time Pentecostal church has all the ingredients of the early New Testament church. This kind of church is:


  • Sound in the Scriptures
  • Sociable with Saints
  • Sincere in Salvation
  • Strong in Supplication
  • Sacrificial in Service
  • Singleness in Soul
  • Successful in Soul-winning
  • Sightful of the Supernatural
  • Sanctified by the Spirit


The full-time Pentecostal church understands that emotion that does not produce motion is a bunch of commotion! People who are part of a full-time Pentecostal church realize that we have been commanded to bring this world, wrapped in the golden change of the Gospel, and lay it at the feet of Jesus Christ. If we disobey, then we are guilty of high treason, and Heaven’s Court, before the King of kings. The non-Pentecostal church is described by immaturity, the part-time Pentecostal church is defined by inconsistency, and the full-time Pentecostal church is designed for involvement.

Let’s not settle for a stream of the Spirit, when our Lord has promised us a river of the Spirit in our lives! May the Lord of Glory grant us a mountain-moving, soul-stirring, devil-defeating break-through throughout our world today!


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

Dr. James O. Davis
Cofounder / Billion Soul Network
Cochair / Global Networking