The Rise Of The Global Church Network! A Must Read!



Dear Visionary Leader,

We are witnessing in this generation the phenomenal missional shift from “parenting” to “partnering” worldwide. Just over eight years ago, I wrote about The Rise of Global Christianity; moving from the “west” going to the “rest” to the “best” around the world going to the “rest” of the world. It is what I call “the circumference of “Christianity.”

We are thrilled to officially announce the launch of The Global Church Network ( As we move closer and closer to the year 2020, we will hear more and more about The Global Church Network. We envision more than one million churches, synergizing their efforts and energies by the year 2020.

What is The Global Church Network? The Global Church Network is not about steeples, but peoples; not about fame, but faith; not about money but the Master; not about spending but investing; not about net worth, but network; not about philosophers but practitioners; not about only the reached but the unreached; not about ivory towers but grassroots. We are about embracing the rise of global Christianity and the synergizing our ministries together to complete the Great Commission.

In a previous generation, the Western Church sowed and a great harvest returned. Today, old maps will not work in new lands. The Global Church that works is not about the Western church telling others what to do, but asking how we can add value to do it better. We’re not about the West going to the Rest, but were about the Best going to the Rest.

The overarching goal of the Global Church is to shorten the time needed to finish the Great Commission by centuries. By 2042, there will be more than 9 billion people on the planet. GCN is about doubling the size of the Global Church and getting ahead of this explosive population curve. Together, we can make it more difficult each day for person to go to hell, and help save billions from being eternally totally lost.

We need to be motivated about what motivates heaven. How many souls will you be responsible for? How many churches will you help plant? We can achieve more together than we could alone by synergizing our efforts to bring back the King!






The Global Church Network is built upon The Global Hubs of Christianity®; all connected through Kingdom-minded leaders in every world region. A global hub synergizes the best relationships, systematizes the best training and strategizes for unreached people groups.


For the last three years, the Billion Soul Network has been launching strategic global hubs in Europe, Central America, Latin America, Africa, North America and Asia. Even though we have a long distance to go, we are grateful for the networking and synergy developing throughout the Global Church Network. At the current pace, there will be more than 200 Global Hubs by 2020 and 850 Global Hubs by 2030.





The Global Church Learning Center ( is one of the finest digital hubs of learning in the Global Church today. Presently, there are more than 125 courses in the Global Church Classroom®, taught by the greatest Christian leaders. When the GCLC was launched at Word of Hope Church in Manila, Philippines, in 2012, approximately 800 pastors/leaders became the first members. Today, GCLC is impacting more than 50,000 pastors/leaders throughout the Body of Christ. When the GCLC digital platform is completed, there will be 200 courses in 30 major languages.


Have you become a GCLC member? If you have not already joined, I encourage you to do so today. Simply go to and click on the “sign up” tab. Dr. Elmer Towns, the cofounder of Liberty University serves as the dean of the GCLC. Over the last 60 years, he has taught 260,000 students face to face in the classroom! When you become a member of the Global Church Learning Center, you will also have access to the Elmer Towns Legacy Library, consisting of nearly 1 terabyte of training resources.


When you choose to sign up, you will be able to step into the Global Church Classroom® and learn from the finest pastors and Christian leaders throughout the entire Body of Christ. The Global Church Network team continues to add two to three new life-changing courses each month!






The Global Church Library® is apart of the Global Church Learning Center. Dr. Pat Roberson provided the funding necessary in order to launch and build the Global Church Library. In the years ahead, the GCL will consist of thousands of powerful ministry resources, all designed to help us to grow and go in our respective ministries. The great cry of the Global Church is: “Please give us resources to fulfill our ministry calling!” The Global Church Learning Center and the Global Church Library are both helping to make this heartfelt cry and reality to every pastor and leader.




1. GCN ties relational knots worldwide in order to help fulfill the Great Commission in this 21st Century.


2.GCN is not about the West going to the Rest, but about the Best around the world going to the Rest of the world.


3. GCN is the global communication hub portal for Church leaders to know what is happening on a global basis toward the fulfilling of the Great Commission.


4. GCN begins with the end results in mind and builds a synergistic strategy for success.


5. GCN applies the principles of partnerships so that the cost ministry decreases while productivity increases.


6. GCN pulls together the right partners to complete the big picture, then reveals how each participant role adds value to everyone.


7. GCN does not compete with partners, neither partners with a partner’s competitor, but cooperates together in the common vision.


8. GCN is about relationships, resources, recommendations, research and reports.


9. GCN adds to an organization by helping Kingdom-minded leaders to fulfill what the Holy Spirit has placed in their hearts.


10. GCN harnesses the best technology for pastor’s training worldwide!


As the Global Church continues to move forward, we encourage you to prayerfully consider hosting a Global Hub in your community, city or country. We believe we can achieve far more together than we can accomplish by ourselves. The “Son” is rising upon the Global Church Network. The Body of Christ is committing to synergize their efforts together to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom further and faster than ever before!


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

Dr. James O. Davis
Cofounder / Billion Soul Network
Cochair / Global Networking