Why Leaders Fail To Achieve Their Goals. By Dr. James O. Davis



Dear Visionary Leader,

The international train called the Global Hubs Of Christianity continues to move fearlessly up the track to every world region. It is anticipated that there will be more than 200 Hubs by the end of 2020 and 850 Hubs by 2035. The overall goals of the Global Hubs of Christianity is to synergize the best relationships, systematize the best training and strategize for unreached people groups.

Recently, the Amsterdam and Rotterdam Global Hubs in Holland convened for session three of the Global Church Training Curriculum. Pastor Stanley Hofwijks, Founder of the Maranatha Ministries Church in Amsterdam, and Edgar Holder, Founder of Living Stone Church in Rotterdam, serve as the host hub leaders. Pastors and leaders from different streams of Christianity gathered to be taught and challenged to help fulfill the Great Commission. Pastor Jeff Jones, Founder of the Valley Family Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and James O. Davis, Cofounder of the Billion Soul Network, served as the trainers in both hubs. Plans are underway to open additional hubs in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ecuador and Tokyo in the next few months!









Sixteen Steps To Success In Life (Part 1)

We need to understand and conquer failure if we are ever to master success. Most schools in the world do not teach young people how to be successful; but teach them a lot of facts and information that they will never use in their life! Most times, we are not taught how to overcome life’s obstacles that will eventually come our way.

We need to remember that failure often times leads to success. Even if you have experienced countless failures in your life, it doesn’t mean you are destined to have success pass you by. If you learn the 16 fundamental principles below you will be able to do more than turn your life around. You will be able to uplift and transform it, taking it to the levels that will amaze and delight you. Below is part one of the sixteen steps to success:


Unclear Purpose: Here is the truth about success You don’t have to be smarter than everyone else, or better looking, or more connected, or luckier to make it big in life. You just have to focus-really focus-on what you want and how you can get it.

Destructive Thinking: There is a killer in your house tonight. I am not talking about a killer of people but a killer of dreams, achievements and all manner of success. This killer is invisible, yet its deadly work can be seen everywhere in careers, in relationships, in people’s health and certainly in their minds. You will become the collection of your thoughts.

Low Productivity: Ever wonder how some people achieve colossal things in their lives? How some men and women hit goal after goal, while others waste entire years (or even decades) without getting anything major done? I’ve found that at the heart of most high achievers’ lives is their high effective use of time. We can either use time or lose time!

Fixed Mindset: Imagine if there was a way of thinking that almost guaranteed that you would become a success in life, a believe system that the vast majority of “geniuses” shared and most average performed didn’t. It’s called the Growth Mindset. If we are not growing and going, we are drying and dying. We cannot afford to park our personal life on the road of life and expect to succeed in our professional life.

Weak Energy: Success is a struggle. Plenty of people start off on the road to success full of energy and drive, but because it’s a long, long road to get to Fantastic Town, they often run out of energy along the way. These folks are instantly recognizable walking down the street. Shoulders hunched over, eyes down, slowly shuffling along, they’ve lost their spark and drive. Inspiration helps us to get started but habitat helps us to finish!

Not Asking The Right Questions: There is a single force that guides your future. A simple, yet profoundly powerful force that shapes your health, the quality of your life, your material success, and your overall happiness. What is this all-important force sculpting your life? It’s the quality of the questions you ask yourself and of others? Learn to ask the right questions.

Poor Presentation Skills: There is one subject that should be compulsory in every school: presenting well. It’s such a vital tool of living, yet many bright, talented, dedicated people never get as far in life as they’d like because they can’t present to a high standard. If you have great ideas but present them poorly, many people will fail to to see their worth. Devote yourself to becoming the best speaker and presenter possible.

Mistaking IQ For EQ: Instead of Intelligence Quotient, today, we need Emotion Quotient. The goal is how effectively you exercise your emotions to serve you rather than hinder you. This emotional quotient is made up of personal competence and social competence. We need to remember that EQ will beat IQ every time. It is one thing to be smart but another thing to have the emotional capital necessary to be successful.


We need to maximize everyday and everything in our lives. We are living in unparalleled times and need uncompromising servant leadership in this generation. Since failure is succeeding at the wrong things, success is succeeding at the right things. We can either choose to be successful failure or a successful leader. Let’s learn from these eight leadership lessons! Blessings.


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

Dr. James. O. Davis
Cofounder / Billion Soul Network
Cochair / Global Networking