Why Leaders Fail To Achieve Their Goals (Part 2). By Dr. James O. Davis



Dear Visionary Leader,

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Why Leaders Fail (Part 2)

I have prepared part-two entitled “Why Leaders Fail.” The road to success is filled with failures along the way. Please find below the next eight leadership lessons that will us to be successful in our mission.


Poor Self-Image: Have you ever wondered why some really intelligent nice, hard-working people never get anywhere in life? As it relates to success and failure, it basically comes down to two important areas:


Behavior systems: The actions some people do regularly over time end up giving them a totally different result from the average performer.

Mental state: High achievers belief system is far different from low achievers. They believe in themselves, have greater courage, and are generally more positive in their thing patterns.


Not Enough Thinking: There is a disease sweeping cities throughout the world. This disease is “Obsessive Do-itis. An absolute obsession with doing, doing, doing, rather than thinking, thinking, thinking. Those who have become infected with this terrible disease run around frantically trying to squeeze in more meetings, more e-mails, and more activities into our ever longer days. If you will learn how to grow your thoughts, you will grow your life and ministry.

No Daily Rituals: Inspiration gets us started but habit keeps us going. All of us have begun projects with great excitement to find ourselves later with not much enthusiasm to complete the worthy project. The more productive habits we cultivate in our lives, the more time and endurance we will nurture in our ives. It is what I call, “taking the think time out.”

Stress: I do not know a person, who does not undergo a consistent level of stress in his/her life. There is a lot of medical evidence, demonstrating that stress weakens our immune system and shortens our lifespan. When we are in our twenties and thirties, we and most likely handle the stress without much difficulty. However, as we move into our forties, fifties and beyond, our bodies will not easily deal with the stress that comes our way. We have to learn how to pace ourselves and get out of the “stress zone” from time to time.

Few Relationships: Most people underestimate the compounding value of rich relationships. I have often said, “Relational currency is the most valuable currency in the world. When relationship currency is invested properly it will become relational capital.” Many talented people think they can climb them mountain of the their dreams by themselves. Show me your friends and I will show you your future.

Lack Of Persistence: A lot of people simply give up too soon. History is replete with leaders who would simply did not quite until they found the solution. Albert Einstein once said, “I do not claim to be the smartest person who has ever lived. I am the person who is willing to work on a problem longer than the average person.” If you are under persecution by others, persistence will eventually wear out the persecutors every time. If you are under pressure to perform, persistence will eventually bring success in your life.

Money Obsession: You can be rich and not successful. You can be famous and not successful. You can be popular and not successful. Real success is not ultimately defined by our wealth or health but the measurement of our lives in the eyes of God. Decades of research clearly show that focusing on acquiring material goods is making us more unhappy than ever. We are being sold a totally false fairy tale. Sure, we should all strive to improve our lives, but if we focus entirely on money and what it buys, we will have made a mistake of catastrophic proportions.

Not Focusing On Strengths: I believe we have a major learning problem today: we focus too much on our weaknesses. I have deep admiration for any great achievement. Yet, my point is this: if you are not suited to doing something, if you are weak at it, why devote hundreds or thousands of hours of your life to doing it? Sure, you might make some progress, even have a win or two, but is it really the best use of your life and time? Focus on your strengths and bring people around you to help with your weaknesses.


I hope you have enjoyed this two-part series on “Why Leaders Fail.” I don’t claim to be the paragon of excellence and certainly have not figured out all of the road blocks on the highway to FantasticTown. I encourage you to listen, learn and then lead; instead, of leading, listening and learning. We must listen and learn more today than ever before!


Until The Last Person Has Heard,

Dr. James. O. Davis
Cofounder / Billion Soul Network
Cochair / Global Networking