Recovering The Cutting Edge In The Leader’s Life (Part V)


Dear Visionary Leader,


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I believe the Lord wants us to unequivocally live with the cutting-edge in our life and ministry. We have been going through a series entitled Recovering The Cutting Edge In The Leader’s Life. We have learned over the last many weeks, in order for us to live consistently with the cutting edge in our life, we need to admit it’s Loss, acknowledge its alone, affirm it’s locality, and allow its liberation.


Elisha’s ministry has grown so large, that he and his future prophets are relocating the facility to the nearby Jordan River. It is here at the Jordan River, that the young men are clearing the land by cutting down trees. The over arching plan is to build a large new facility to house future prophets, who will go into full-time service. The Word of God has focused on one single man who has been faithfully working, but he has lost the axe head off the axe handle. The axe head had gone soaring into the Jordan River.
We learned in our last lesson, that God liberated the axe head and brought it to the surface, literally swimming against the current. It is now time for this young man of God to take hold of what God is given to him. Our lesson to learn is:


We Must Appropriate Its Lift


If we are going to recover the cutting-edge in our life, we must act in faith to claim the promises the Lord has given to us. This young man, ventures out into the Jordan River and takes hold of the axehead that is swimming against the current.  He then makes his way out of the Jordan River and climbs back up the hill side to where his axe handle is laying on the ground. He picks up the ax handle and takes the axe head and puts it on really well. He makes sure that the axehead is back on the axe handle. Then, he goes over to the tree where he had been working and begins to place the edge bank into the tree trunk. He has the cutting edge again!


God gave Joshua the Land of Canaan, but he had to go out and conquer it. Our Lord has given us promises, but we have to go out and claim them. It is one thing for God to bring the exit to the surface of the Jordan River, it is another thing for the young man do believe it is for him and go out and seize it. Our Lord has given us the power of the Holy Spirit, but we have to avail ourselves of that power every day. It is one thing for us to have the purpose driven life, it is another  thing to have the presence driven life.


My prayer for you, regardless of where you live, is that the power of the Holy Spirit renews and refreshes your life every day. When we rise in the morning and then go to bed in the evening, we should strive to claim the promises of the Lord in our lives and live with the edge each day. I see this young man as he begins to swing that axe head, knowing God had performed a miracle to give him cutting edge in his life. I personally believe that the church of the Lord Jesus Christ is called to live with the cutting edge every day. As we embark on a new lands where the Gospel has never been heard, we must have the power of the Holy Spirit leading us and directing us every day!


Until The Last Person Has Heard,
Dr. James. O. Davis
Cofounder / Billion Soul Network
Cochair / Global Networking