What Is Your Purpose In Life?

Dear Visionary Leader,
Do you have a purpose in life? Why do you exist? Are you simply drawing your breath and drawing your salary, going from day to day, or can you clearly articulate God’s purpose for you? Why do we exist?

It is very important that you understand the purpose of life because if you don’t have a purpose in life, you’re drifting through life and you’re never going to hit the mark if you don’t know what it is. Do you know the Bible word for sin literally means to miss the mark? An archer aims at the target and the bow goes awry and the arrow is skewed and he misses the mark. And the Bible calls missing the mark sin, and it calls sin missing the mark. Now, if you don’t know your function, you’re going to be a failure. Now, you may be a successful businessman, but if you don’t know why God created you, you’re still a failure. Let me give you a definition of failure. Are you ready for it?  Failure is succeeding at the wrong things. Do you know God’s purpose for your life? Now, if you know God’s purpose for your life, then you’re a success. What did God make a bird to do? To fly in the air. What did God make a fish to do? To swim in the sea.
Now, if you take a bird out of the air and put him under the water, he’s an unhappy bird. If you take a, a fish out of the sea and put him in a tree, he’s not a very happy fish because that’s not what God formed him to do, what, what God made him to do.  And until you find your purpose you’re going to be like a bird under water or a fish in a tree, like a square peg in a round hole. You’re going to be a misfit. You see, you will never know true fulfillment, and again, you’ll not know true success.
In Psalm 139, which is a great psalm, because in Psalm 139 we learn a lot of things about God and we learn a lot of things about us. As a matter of fact, you will not understand God’s purpose for your life until you understand some things about God because the two are inextricably interwoven. So we’ve going to look at a little theology and a little me-ology, okay? What is, what is the purpose for my life in the light of what God has done and who God is?
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There are four factors that help us to gain great purpose in life.
God Knows All About US. God knows our character. Look in Psalm 139, verse 1: “O, Lord, thou hast searched me, and known me.” Now, not only does God see us today; God sees through us. God has searched us. God knows us. God knows all about you. God knows your heart. There’s nothing that’s hidden to God. He knows all about you. He knows all about me. Now, as human beings, we know one another’s, reputation, but God knows our character. The difference between reputation and character – reputation is what others think about you; character is what God knows you. Now, God knows my character. God knows your character right now. He sees your heart. He knows your heart.
God knows our conduct. Look in the next two verses, 2 and 3: “Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising…” God saw you when you got up this morning. “…thou understandest my thought afar off; thou compasses my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways.” God will see everything you will do today. He knows every step you’ll take. God will keep His eye on you today until you lie down and pull the covers up around your neck. God knows your conduct. There is not a move that God does not see.
God knows our contemplations. Look, if you will, now in verse 2: “Thou knowest my downsitting and up uprising; thou understandest my thought afar off.” God knows your thoughts right now. God knows what you’re thinking. God knows them right now. He knows every thought in our minds.
God knows our conversations. Look, if you will, in verse 4: “There’s not a word in my tongue, but, O Lord, thou knowest it altogether.” You know, if we realize that, we might be more careful with our speech, wouldn’t we? Our criticism? Our carping? Sometimes our careless, flippant thoughts and words?The Bible says, “Every idle word that men speak shall he give an account thereof in the day of judgment.” But He also knows when we praise Him. He also knows every good thing, every wholesome word that comes out of our mouths. You know, we speak enough in one day to fill up a complete book if it were bound, and in a lifetime enough to fill a college library. Selah! Think about these things.
Until The Last Person Has Heard,
Dr. James. O. Davis
Cofounder / Billion Soul Network
Cochair / Global Networking