Hand Me Another Brick Leadership Series: How Laugh In The Midst Of Ridicule

Dear Visionary Leader,

We are learning how to rebuild the walls in our generation. Over the years much has been written about Nehemiah and his leadership approaches to great success. In our last lesson, we focused on the rottenness of ridicule. We learned that our enemy’s approaches over the centuries has remained the same.

In this lesson, I will move us past the rottenness of ridicule to our reflections of ridicule. In Nehemiah 4:4, we read, “Hear O God for we are despised.”

Christians are despised today. When you are despised and when you are mocked, consider several reflections to your ridicule. We should consider the cause of the ridicule.

Do you know why the world laughs at Christians? I’ll tell you why. Ridicule is a substitute for reason. Laughing is a substitute for logic. Now if they cannot reason us out of a work for God, they will try to ridicule us out of a work for God. If they cannot logic us out of a work for God, they will try to laugh us out of a work for God.

Next, we need to consider the character of those who do the ridiculing. We are known not only by the friends that we make, we’re also known by the enemies that we make. There would be something wrong with me if some people were not laughing at me. There is something wrong with you if some people are not laughing at you.

Do you remember there in Acts 5:41, where those disciples had been persecuted and the Bible says that they departed from the presence of the council and rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for His Name.

You may say, “Nobody ever laughs at me.” Well, then keep it a secret. You haven’t been counted worthy. There is not enough in your life to make any difference. When I think of business professional, I want to tell you that there’s no way that you can live for Jesus Christ in your profession without some of your compatriots and your peers looking down on you and laughing at you.

When I think of college students, there is no way that you can live a separated, godly, righteous life, carry your Bible to class, bow your head in the cafeteria and pray without somebody pointing the finger of scorn at you.

There is no way that we can share a testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ without somebody laughing at us. And if they don’t laugh at us, it’s just simply because we have not been counted worthy. And you might as well put it down and put it down big, that when you go for God, you’re going to face the godless gang and the Christ-less clique.

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We continue our study on “reflections over ridicule.” Third, I want you to consider the company that you are you in. Jesus was also scorned. And the servant is not better than his master. Let me give you some verses today that ought to break your heart and encourage you at the same time.

In Mark 5:40, Jesus Christ is getting ready to perform one of his most notable miracles. Every time I read this I can hardly believe that it literally happened, but I know it did because it’s in the Bible. The text says, “and they laughed him to scorn.” Who? Jesus. They laughed him to scorn. They laughed in the face of the Son of God.

In Luke 22:63, our Lord Jesus Christ is in the hands of the soldiers. We read, “And the men that held Jesus mocked Him and smote Him.” And I believe with all of my heart that it was easier for Jesus to take the fisticuffs and easier for him to take the clubs that beat upon his head than it was to take that laughter and that ridicule in his face. They mocked him. And they smote him.

In Luke 23:35, we read, “And the people stood beholding and the rulers also with them, derided him, saying, ‘he saved others, let him save himself if he’d be the Christ, the Son of God.'” Do you know what that word “derided” means? It means they ridiculed him. They laughed at him. They scorned him. Look in verse 36, “And the soldiers also mocked him, coming to him and offering him vinegar.” We must not allow the devil laugh us out of a work for God.

Fourth, we need to consider the compensation that you’re going to get for being laughed at. The Lord’s going to pay you. Don’t you worry about it. Jesus said in Matthew 5:11,“men will persecute you and revile you, and say all matter of evil against you, falsely for His namesake, just rejoice and be exceeding glad.” If people laugh at you all day, you just go home and laugh all night. You just rejoice and be exceedingly glad. Jesus said, “Great is our reward in heaven.”

Last, I want you to consider the conclusion of the whole matter. You know what we say- he who laughs last. He who laughs last has the best laugh. Who’s going to have the last laugh? You say the Church. No. God Himself. God Himself. You can laugh your way right into hell, but you can’t laugh your way out. I’m going to tell you something else. It is God, not man, that will have the last laugh.

Thomas Payne, the old skeptic and infidel, asked Benjamin Franklin, “Ben, what do you think of my book – The Age of Reason?” It was a book that ridiculed the Christian faith. You know what Ben Franklin said to Tom Payne? He says, “Tom, when a man spits against the wind, he spits in his own face.”

Agathon was a young Roman. He had a boyhood friend name Julian. And Agathon and Julian grew up together and they played together. But Julian grew up to be the emperor of Rome. He was known as the apostate emperor. He was cruel and he hated Christ and Christians. Julian did all he could do to put down Christianity.

One day after both men were grown, Julian met Agathon. And Julian trying to taunt Agathon for his faith, said to Agathon, “Agathon, how is the carpenter of Nazareth doing these days?” “Is he getting plenty of work? Is there enough work for your carpenter to keep him busy?” Agathon said, “Yes, Julian. The carpenter is getting plenty of work. And today he’s nailing together a coffin to put your empire in.” He served to be a prophet for in two years, Julian was slain by the Persians and his empire was crumbling.

I want to tell you it is God who will get the last laugh. You just consider the conclusion of the whole thing. Whenever you’re ridiculed, just consider some things. Why you’re being ridiculed? Whose doing the ridiculing? Who along with you is being ridiculed? What is God going to pay you for being ridiculed? What is the conclusion of the whole matter? We must not let anybody laugh us out of a work for God.

Until The Last Person Has Heard,

Dr. James. O. Davis
Global Church Network
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