Breaking News: Give Me This Mountain Initiative Update In Nepal. A Must Read!

Dear Visionary Leader:

There is a lot of breaking news taking place throughout the Global ChurchNetwork. In January, 2018, during the Synergize 2018 Pastor & Leaders Conference in Orlando, Florida, we announced the “Give Me This Mountain Initiative.” We challenged the pastors and leaders to synergize their efforts together for the planting of 20,000 churches across the Himalayan Mountains by 2030. The Himalayan Mountains make up the tallest mountains in the world, stretching from southern China, north through Nepal and Tibet, across northern India to Pakistan. There are 57 million people who live in these arduous mountains, that have never heard the Gospel of Christ.
I believe it is time for the Global Church to take the Gospel to the hardest places on earth. If we can solve the hardest places, we can then complete the Great Commission. It is not going to be easy; but it is doable, if we do it together!  For decades I have heard about the “underground church,” but it is time to hear about the “upperground church!”
Last year, we worked to double efforts to prepare for the Give Me This Mountain Summit in Kathmandu, Nepal. We set our sights high to have approximately 1,000 church planters from Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and India. Approximately, 1,500 leaders showed up!  The church was filled wall to wall with leaders, many of them standing outside. As soon as we walked into the auditorium, we could sense the mighty power of the Lord there. There was a touch of His greatness in the music, teaching, and altar responses.
While traveling over the decades, I have personally witnessed passion and enthusiasm from fellow-leaders in different countries. However, the faith and faithfulness of the Nepalese leaders demonstrate throughout the Global Church Network what it means to go beyond the call of duty to fulfill the Great Commission. There was a dedicated pastor in Dolpo who heard about the summit via radio. He hiked 15 days through the Himalayan Mountains to catch a bus. Upon catching the bus, he rode to the summit in Kathmandu.  When the Give Me This Mountain Summit was completed, he then took a bus to the last stop and hiked 15 days back! Dolpo is above the 15,000 foot level!
How will the Great Commission be completed?

By partnering with the leaders, who the Lord has already placed in the hardest areas in the world.  I have written and said the next statement all over the world: It is not the west going to the rest but the best around the world going to the rest of the world.
During the Give Me This Mountain Summit last year, we agreed to work together, toward a Church Planting Training Summit by July, 2019.  During the spring, 2019, Dr. David Sobrepena, Founder of Word of Hope, in Manila, Philippines and CoChair/Southeast Asia of the GlobalChurch Network, and Bishwa dev Khadka, from Kathmandu, Nepal and CoChair/Nepal of the GlobalChurch Network, hosted a Church Planting Training Summit in the base area of Mount Everest.

More than 120 church planters converged to focus on planting churches in the heart of the Himalayas. It is far too difficult and expensive for these leaders to travel all the way to Kathmandu. Now, there is ongoing discussion about the planting of the first-ever Ministry Training Center in the Everest area!
In June, 2019, Bruce Buckingham, Executive Director of the Global Hubs of Christianity, in the Global ChurchNetwork, met and trained key Nepalese leaders for the development of 7 strong and dynamic Hubs throughout Nepal.  In April, 2018, David Sobrepena and I flew to Kathmandu to help launch the first Nepal Hub. Today, there are 7 Hubs throughout this nation. These powerful Hubs will synergize the best relationships, systematize the best training and strategize for the unreached peoples.
In July, 2019, key Caribbean leaders flew 10,000 miles to partner together with nearly 200 churchplanters. The President of National Churches Fellowship of Nepal, Surya Honok Tamang states:

They represent the higher regions of mountainous parts of Nepal, relatively above 2,500 meters to 6,500 meters of altitude including Humla, Simikot, Dolpa, Mugu, Everest areas, Lukla, Fagding, Namchi and from other parts of mountains.  Almost all the provinces of Nepal indeed includes many mountainous regions, and we will have active and energetic participants in our training.   We thank God for your prayers, passion and vision to reach the most darkest unreached corners of Himalayan regions with the Gospel and plant thousands of new churches.
We have a long way to go to plant churches across 1,500 miles of the Himalayan Mountains. Yet, I beginning is half done! Instead of looking, we need to begin leading; instead of wondering; start walking; instead of talking about how big the mountains are; we need to realize that God created the mountains and called us to climb them!
How did all of this begin?

During the Guyana Hub launch in February, 2016, John Smith, Assemblies of God General Superintendent and CoChair/Caribbean of the GlobalChurch Network, and I shared the visionary need to launch a Global Hub in Kathmandu, Nepal. When this missional need was shared, Guyana leaders stepped up and invested a generous offering. Now, Caribbean leaders have gone to Nepal and have fostered friendships and partnerships that will last a lifetime!  This is how we make the net work!
In addition to the missions offering given by Guyana leaders, more Christian leaders have stepped up and given huge amounts of funds to help bring this “Give Me This Mountain Initiative” into reality. Just as the Himalayas are home to the biggest mountains in the world, we are going to have to make the biggest commitments possible in faith, finance, and fitness to see this vision fulfilled by 2030.
Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for all those who have sacrificed financially and/or invested their time and energy for the carrying of the Gospel to the highest elevations in the world. This God-given vision of planting 20,000 churches across the Himalayan Mountains by 2030, can only be done through your partnership toward the ends of the earth. Blessings.
Until The Last Person Has Heard,
Dr. James. O. Davis
Global Church Network
Cochair / Global Networking