Four Powerful Asian Mountains Of Ministry. A Must Read!

Dear Visionary Leader:
Our Lord has raised up “Mountains of Ministry” throughout the world. Just like geographical mountains are connected by what you cannot see underground, these Mountains of Ministry are connected through the invisible Personhood of the Holy Spirit. It is no longer the West going to the Rest, but the Best around the world going to the Rest of the world It is what I call, “the Circumference of Christianity.” Once a circle has been formed, a person cannot tell where the circle begins or ends.
Top Ten Churches In The World
Dr. David Sobrepena and his wife, Nellie, sold everything they had in Dallas, Texas; packed up their belongings and moved to Manilla, Philippines to plant Word of Hope Church in August, 1988. When they launched the church, they had a handful of people show up on the opening Sunday. Today, Word of Hope averages 61,000 plus; but, on its way to 250,000 by 2025! There has not been a Sunday in 31 years, when people did not come to Christ. Each Sunday, there are 92 worship services!
Last week, Pastor Sobrepena and I hosted the Philippine Global Summit at Word of Hope. We witnessed at least 1,500 pastors and leaders attending all of the sessions. Over the years, we have launched every aspect of the Billion Soul Network (now called Global Church Network) from this church. We cut the ribbon for the Global Church Network at Word of Hope in 2016 and officially changed the name at the Wittenberg 2017 Congress.
During the Philippine Global Summit, we took our next step forward to the ongoing birthing, building and broadening of the Global Church Network.
We launched the FINISH 2030 Worldwide Summits scheduled for 2020. During 2020, the Global ChurchNetwork will host key regional summits for:
  • Synergizing the Best Relationships
  • Systematizing the Best Training
  • Strategize for Unreached Peoples
The dates and locations are located in the FINISH 2030 graphic. In 12 months, regional summits will be hosted, pulling together 7 to 10 key leaders from 210 nations to launch 210 hubs to fully form the GlobalHubs of Christianity. Please pray as we move forward in faith toward the Finish Line.
Dr. Sobrepena is one of the very “first responders” of finishing the Great Commission in our generation. He responded to Dr. Bill Bright’s invitation to attend and speak at the first Synergize Pastors & Leaders Conference in 2002. He packed up his bags and flew all the way from Manilla to Orlando!  I will always be grateful for his friendship  and partnership throughout the years!
Top Ten Missionary Legacies in The Church
In 1854, Rev. James Hudson Taylor I, sailed to China from England to take the Gospel of Christ to the Chinese. James Hudson Taylor (May 21, 1832 – 3 June 1905) was a British Protestant Christian missionary to China and founder of the China Inland Mission (CIM, now OMF International). Taylor spent 51 years in China. The society that he began was responsible for bringing over 800 missionaries to the country who began 125 schools and directly resulted in 18,000 Christian conversions, as well as the establishment of more than 300 stations of work with more than 500 local helpers in all eighteen provinces.
Taylor was known for his sensitivity to Chinese culture and zeal for evangelism. He adopted wearing native Chinese clothing even though this was rare among missionaries of that time. Under his leadership, the CIM was singularly non-denominational in practice and accepted members from all Protestant groups, including individuals from the working class, and single women as well as multinational recruits. Historian Ruth Tucker summarizes the theme of his life: No other missionary in the nineteen centuries since the Apostle Paul has had a wider vision and has carried out a more systematized plan of evangelizing a broad geographical area than Hudson Taylor.
Dr. James Hudson Taylor IV has continued to evangelize Chinese people and equip Chinese pastors worldwide. Recently, Dr. Taylor was recently appointed unanimously by the China Evangelical Seminary board to become its President. His presidency will be in August, 2020. I was fortunate to be with Missionary Taylor and his wife, Mimi, Taipei, Taiwan last week.
In addition to Jamie, Mimi and I going to Freedom Square, named in honor of the Founding President of Taiwan, Chiang Kai-shek, and we visited the new campus of the China Evangelical Seminary. This month, the professors, staff and students will move into a brand new campus. This incredible new campus will be a phenomenal step forward in the future equipping of the finest pastors and leaders to further impact the Chinese Church worldwide. The Global Church Network looks forward to partnering with Dr. Taylor and China Evangelical Seminary in the years ahead.
Top Ten Christian Thinkers In The Contemporary Church
Dr. Byoungho Zoh for the past three decades, through Bible Tongdok camps and assemblies, popularized ‘Tongdok reading’ of the Bible and is an international expert of Bible Tongdok, specifying new ways in approaching the Bible not only to churches in Korea but to the whole world. His book, ‘Bible Tongdok received the Christian Book Culture Prize, the number one prize in 2005.
Tong, a new method of life for Christians and a new means of reading the Bible, was first suggested by Dr. Zoh.  He stresses the importance of the union of the East and the West to work towards the future and to make peace.  Dr. Zoh, an active Christian who strives to fulfill the vision given by God, strives to partner with Christians of this generation worldwide.

As the Missionary Representative of Tongdokwon and the Senior Pastor of Hi-Gippeum Church in Seoul, Korea, Byoungho knows and understands fully that pastoral duties and missionary work should comprise of harmony and equilibrium complementarily. He claims that God’s people in the Bible consisted of both divine and social nature, and that Christians in this generation should also stand up as true leaders in society. More than 100,000 pastors and leaders have been equipped through the Tongdok methods.
Dr. Zoh and I partnered together for the Wittenberg 2017 Congress in 2017 and together last week in Seoul, Korea. Byoungho invited me to bring two presentations at a special TongBible Conference at his globalleadership center in

the mountains. Pastors and leaders drove hundreds of miles one way to attend the one-day conference. During our time together, we discussed the future release of the English Version of the Tongdok Bible. Dr. Zoh will be bringing a Korean delegation of leaders to the upcoming Synergize 2020 Pastors & Leaders Conference (  
Top Ten Visionary Discipling Leaders In The Church
Covenant Evangelical Free Church started life in 1978 as a church plant with 17 pioneer members from Emmanuel Evangelical Church (EEC). It was called Emmanuel Christian Fellowship (ECF) then. In 1987, Pastor Edmund Chan took over the mantle of ECF when he graduated from Singapore Bible College. Under the visionary leadership of Rev. Chan, the Covenant Evangelical Free Church to nearly 6,000 members on three campuses.
Rev Edmund Chan is a seasoned disciple-making pastor. As the Leadership Mentor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church, Edmund is widely regarded as an insightful Bible expositor and a mentor of Christian leaders. In 1995, he launched the annual Intentional Disciple Making Church(IDMC) Conferences and serves on the advisory councils of several Christian organization. Edmund has authored “Built To Last: Towards A Disciplemaking Church”, “Growing Deep in God”, “Mentoring Paradigms”, “Growing Deep in Faith” , “Cultivating Your Inner Life” and “A Certain Kind”. He graduated summa cum laude from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with an MA (Missions). He is married to Ann Chan, who serves as an Associate Pastor. They have two daughters, Amanda and Belicia.
Edmund states, “My philosophy of ministry is to Think Big, Start Small and Build Deep. Nothing less than a global vision is worthy of a global God!” And so, with a BIG vision and a humble beginning, the IDMC Global Alliance was launched in August 2008 at the IDMC Conference in Singapore. It was attended by over 2,000 delegates from 23 countries. But Pastor Chand said to the Lord, “Father, if it is to be a global alliance, I need strong, recognized disciplemaking churches to rally behind this.” Again, by divine appointment, the Lord led Edmund.
Over time, as other strong disciplemaking churches were invited to join the Global Alliance, a vision was cast for uniting key disciplemaking churches on a global front to establish 20,000 intentional disciplemaking churches by 2020, in 50 gateway cities. His vision is that together, as a network of intentional disciplemaking churches, they might equip 100,000 key disciplemaking leaders so as to mobilize ONE MILLION DISCIPLES who would multiply spiritually for world evangelization.
As a platform to cast this compelling globalvision, a Global Congress of Intentional Disciplemaking Churches was held in Manila, Philippines in May 2013. The aim was to bring together a few thousand of disciplemakers from around the world. About 7400 participants from 61 nations, and 1500 volunteers, attended the Global Discipleship Congress. her strong disciplemaking churches were invited to join the Global Alliance, a vision was cast for uniting key disciplemaking churches on a globalfront to establish 20,000 intentional disciplemaking churches by 2020, in 50 gateway cities.
Each month Edmund and Ann Chan travel to strategic, missional locations in the world, building a massive discipleship and movement toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission. This week, they are hosting “A Rethinking Discipleship Conference in Singapore with more 5,000 leaders making plans to attend!
Two hundred years ago, when missionaries left Europe and North America to take the Gospel to the four-corners of the earth, primarily they did not have to ask, “Which Christians are already there?”  Yet, today, it is imperative, before we set out to go to a “new land,” that we ask, “Who is already there?” The Global Church is not looking for parents but partners. Our Lord has raised up Mountains of Ministry and has created a circumference of Christianity. We must tie as many relational knots as possible to build a net big enough to complete the Great Commission!
Until The Last Person Has Heard,

Dr. James. O. Davis
Global Church Network
Cochair / Global Networking