One Billion Souls Saved & 5 Million Churches Planted!

Dear Visionary Leader:
On November 7, 2019, at 7:00am Eastern Time, the Billion Soul Vision became a reality during this generation. The GlobalChurch Network ( crossed a significant milestone. In 2002, at the Beyond All Limits Conference (now called Synergize) at First Baptist Church in Orlando, we cast vision for 5 million new churches for a billion soul harvest. More than 5,000 pastors from every state in America, every province in Canada, and 20 plus nations joined us.
At Between Beyond All Limits Conference 1 and 2, we hosted breakfast meetings in Orlando for pastors and Christian business leaders to catch the vision of doubling the size of the church in our generation. More than 400 leaders joined us for breakfast meetings! We determined to build wide from the beginning, so we could build high for decades to come. Many of these pastors are still on the journey with us!
In 2004, at the Beyond All Limits 2 Conference, at Calvary Assembly in Orlando, we launched the Billion Soul Initiative to bring focus to our mission. More than 6,000 pastors and leaders joined us for this conference. We were fortunate to help launch The Passion film and to have Mel Gibson with us that year.
From January, 2004, through September, 2005, we traveled worldwide to meet with significant leaders to build a synergistic methodology and mindset throughout the Body of Christ.
In September, 2005, in Dallas, Texas, we hosted the first-ever Global Church Planting Congress. At this congress, just over 500 key leaders from 71 nations came to synergize their efforts together in church planting and evangelism. It was here that collectively we set a goal to plant 5 million new churches for a billion soul harvest by 2020. Dr. Paul Walker, former General Overseer for the Church of God stated, “The network should be built around Relationships, Resources, Research, Recommendations and Reports.”
Through the tireless efforts of Global Church Network CoChairs throughout the world, five million new churches for a billion soul harvest was fulfilled on November 7, 2019!  Dr. David Sobrepena, Founder of Word of Hope Church, in Manilla, Philippines has stated repeatedly: “The goal is bigger than the role.”
As we cross this milestone, the Global Church Network is pulling together the best pacesetters to race toward the finish line by 2030. FINISH 2030 is completing the Great Commission by the 2000th Birthday of the Church. You are invited to run the race with us!
The Global Church Network is synergistically partnered with thousands of organizations and more than 600,000 churches around the globe, spanning virtually every denomination, stream, and world region. We have assembled a FINISH 2030 CAMPAIGN TEAM made up of some of the greatest Christian leaders in the U.S. and around the world. FINISH 2030 is about reaching the hardest places in the world with the Gospel-sooner rather than later.
This is not something that any one person, church, denomination, or ministry organization can do alone. It is something we can do as the Body of Christ, if we stop competing with one another and choose instead to work together to finish the race. FINISH 2030 is not about logos or egos. At GCN, we often say, “It doesn’t matter who gets the credit, as long as God gets the glory!”
It’s simple math. The fact is, if we in the Church do not adjust our missions paradigm and simply continue with our present strategies, the world will only be 83.25% evangelized -in AD 2200! That may seem to some like great progress. But the world population will exceed 9.5 billion by 2050 and will reach nearly 11 billion by 2100. That means, in raw numbers, the unevangelized population will continue to increase over the next 100 years.
Here’s the staggering truth: At its current rate of growth, the Global Church will win more than 3 billion people to Christ by 2100-and still over 2 billion will be unreached, never having heard the Gospel even one time. When we compare the projections for Church growth with population growth, it is clear that we will not fulfill the Great Commission even by AD 2500. Billions upon billions of people from near-future generations will die, lost forever.
FINISH 2030 offers a new overarching strategy for pursuing the Great Commission-one that is synergistic, global in scope, and capable of outpacing population growth and getting us to the finish line sooner than we ever dreamed possible!
While in many corners the Western Church has been in decline, the Global Church has been growing, maturing, and thriving in world regions outside of North America and Europe. Great leaders, great churches, and great organizations have been, and continue to be, raised up in South America, India, Africa, Asia, and many other parts of the world.
The Church is experiencing the greatest missional shift in its history. We can no longer think in terms of “the West going to the rest.”
The result of this tremendous growth in global Christianity is that by 2030, 70% of the global missions force will be from continents other than North America. It is no longer the West going to the rest; it is the best in the world going to the rest of the world! At this very moment, missionaries from every world region are sharing the Gospel in every region. Every day, this globalmissions force grows larger and stronger.
FINISH 2030 seeks to network and partner with synergistic-minded leaders, churches, and organizations from every denomination, every stream, and every region of the world. The Western Church cannot finish the Great Commission by 2030, but the Global Church can- and working together with effective, proven global strategies to FIND, INTERCEDE, NETWORK, INVEST, SEND, and HARVEST, we will.
Until The Last Person Has Heard,
Dr. James. O. Davis
Global Church Network
Cochair / Global Networking