How To Prayer Walk for the Unreached in 2021!

Prayer walking is not about being outside. It is about “drawing near” to places and people in pain; about shining the light and love of God into dark places. It is praying in places where prayer is not common. It is praying for clarity in a place where there is confusion and turmoil. It is a gift to unreached!


  1. Pray With A Partner

    • Prayers take on another dimension when they are joined with friends.
    • Pray aloud – for clarity and agreement.
    • Write down impressions.
    • Find points of agreement in prayer. When there are moments of particular convergence on a specific point, camp-out there. Allow the Holy Spirit to fill up that prayer deposit.
  1. Pray With the Enabling of the Holy Spirit

    • Ask God for protection, direction, and a clear sense of His presence.
    • Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to see as He sees.
    • Pray for Then pray with that insight.
    • Share your discoveries and impressions prayerfully, one with another.
    • Listen to Holy Spirit – especially in sieges of silence.
  1. Pray With A Vertical Focus

    • Stay vigilantly focused on the Father.
    • In any encounter with evil, don’t allow the dark princes to set your agenda in prayer. Act, don’t react!
    • Address God in such moments. Refuse to be drawn into a railing argument with the demonic. Ask God to stay the hand of the evil one, to rebuke him, to redeem and cleanse evil and its effect.
    • In places of pain, claim the promises of God! In places of judgment, ask for redemptive grace.
  1. Pray According to the Word

    • As you prayer-walk, read scripture aloud while focusing on different places in the world–places of unreached, poverty, and spiritual darkness. Declare in prayer the promises of God. The Bible is God-breathed and blessed!
    • Use a small Bible or note cards or quote the scripture from memory.
    • Choose a theme verse for your prayer-walk and stand on the promise of the passage.
    • Prayer invites God’s kingdom. It is the excuse God uses to intervene in our time-space world. He could act without prayer, but he chooses to act with prayer. [1]
    • It is our responsibility and privilege to insist that the will of God be enforced in the earth by appealing to the courtroom of heaven and invoking the will of God in the earth – the will of God clearly stated in the Bible itself.
  1. Pray With A Sense of Mission

    • Be systematic – use a map and focus on specific areas of the world where there are unreached people groups.
    • Measure the impact of prayer walking – research the unreached people of that area and who is trying to reach them.
    • Feel the pain! Respond to current issues and unreached people groups by watching videos and documentaries about the current living situations of the unreached people. Don’t spare them the sting of reality in the face of sin’s devastation. For such places, pray with passion!
    • Stay focused on the primary mission – of God’s holy presence bringing the gospel to the unreached so that men and women come to Christ! Avoid prayers that rail against the darkness.

Written by Dr. Douglas Small – GCN CoChair – Prayer