The Net Report July 2022: The Latest Global Church Network News

The Global Church Network®

Synergizing & Mobilizing The Whole Body of Christ
Toward The Fulfillment Of The Great Commission

The Global Church Network moved in warp speed in June and July 2022. This edition of The Net Report will bring up close and personal with what is transpiring throughout the Body of Christ. Even though Mainstream Media articulates that the Church declining and dying; this is simply not what is taking place worldwide. It is trust the Church is growing some regions compared to other regions. How the Lord is building His church and gates of Hell will not win.

FINISH 2030 Summits

Beginning in the Fall, of 2022, The Global Church Network will begin to host a global series of FINISH Summits in:

  • Finish Asia: Manila, Philippines, November 8-10, 2022
  • Finish West & South Africa: Lagos, Nigeria, CapeTown, South Africa, March 6-7 & 8-9, 2023
  • Finish Brazil: May 23-24, 2023
  • Finish Oceania: August 1-3, 2023
  • Finish Europe: September 5-7, 2023
  • Finish India:  April 18-19, 2023
  • Finish MiddleEast: Undisclosed

In each region, approximately 8 to 10 key leaders will be invited to the FINISH Summit. The host nation will be permitted to invite hundreds of leaders from every major denomination or fellowship. The overarching goals are 1) to launch a hub in each nation; 2) to equip young leaders between the ages of 15-35; and 3) to translate the Bible in the remaining languages.

Global Church Divinity School®

Over the years, GCDS® has helped to train tens of thousands of pastors and leaders for full-time ministry worldwide. In the last twenty-four months, Dr. Leonard Sweet, Dr. Kenneth Ulmer, and Dr. James O. Davis have developed seven ministry tracks, each containing seven training levels, from novice to mentor.

In the last twenty-four months, the Global Church Network® video and editing team has completed more than 60 new courses. This new course deployment nearly averages 3 new courses per month! There are nearly 180 faculty to date, with the roster growing each month. There are five levels of membership:

  • Growth—One Person
  • Gold—One Church
  • Grand—10 Churches
  • Global—50 Churches
  • General—More than 100 pastors

For those leaders who purchase the gold, grand, or global memberships, they can also add as many students as they want under each church! For example, a gold membership could have a 100 or more at the same price; a grand membership could have more than 100 at each church with a total student membership exceeding 1000! You will NEVER find a better training opportunity than the Global Church Divinity School®.

In the last 30 days Dr. Jerry Roberts videotaped 15 hours on World Missions, Dr. Wendy Deichman videotaped 26 lectures on Church History, from the 1st century until now; and Dr. BJ Oropeza videotaped 15 hours on the Book of Romans.

Each of these distinguished scholars brought their finest teaching to the Global Church Divinity School. You will not find a stronger selection of world class courses taught by incredible faculty anywhere else.

The Great Commission Prayer Summit
One Billion Prayer Hours

The online Great Commission Prayer Summit will convene on October 27, 2022. During the prayer time, there will be a very strong emphasis on the top 3,000 hardest unreached people groups and the equipping of at least one million God-called young people for the harvest field. If the Great Commission is ever going to be completed, then the hardest unreached groups have to be adopted in prayer and at least one million young people equipped worldwide to preach the Gospel. You will hear firsthand breakthroughs, testimonies of divine healing, and from leaders who are serving in the hardest world regions. Be sure to mark your calendars!

The speaking and praying roster is almost finalized. Keynote presentations and pray sessions will include:

Dr. Carla Sunberg, Church of the Nazarene General Superintendent


Rev. Doug Clay, Assemblies of God General Superintendent, USA


Dr. Doug Beacham,  IPHC General Superintendent


Dr. Timothy Hill, Church of God General Superintendent


Rev. Sheila Walsh, Life Today Television


Dr. David Mohan, India Assemblies of God General Superintendent Emeritus


Dr. Gustavo Crocker, Church of the Nazarene General Superintendent


Dr. Suliasi Kurulo, World Harvest Center, Fiji


Dr. Ben Feliz, General Presbyter, Central America, COGOP


Dr. Arto Hamalainen, Pentecostal Fellowship Finland




In January 2020, the Global Church Network® launched the One Billion Prayer Hours Initiative toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission. So far, 249 million prayer hours have been offered by Believers worldwide. Dr. David Mohan, CoChair/India and Founder of New Life Assembly, Chennai, India states, “If we are not praying, then we are not planting. We must break the stronghold of Satan first before we can expect a fruitful church to be planted.” At you can join the One Billion Prayer Hours initiative or you can download the Global Church Network® app for Apple or Android and sign up for prayer.


Global Church Today Program

In 2019, a group of leaders met to discuss the future launch of the Global Church Today® Program. The Global Church Today® program will be the flagship voice of the Global Church Network®. Each month, GCN® plans to bring to you the latest insights on the global stage as to the synergizing and mobilizing of the Body of Christ toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission. The host of Global Church Today® is Dr. James O. Davis, Founder of the Global Church Network®. Global Church Today® will also have fantastic interviews with leading Christian leaders, who will enlarge your circumference of Christianity. The first episode was released in May 2022.




If you are not a financial Global Church Network® partner, then consider becoming one today. Your monthly investment will be compounded through this networking ministry. Dr. James O. Davis has often said, “If you are not networking, then in the future you will be not working.” Each month GCN® partners receive a monthly letter update.