Learn How To Meet God At Every Corner In 2023

Christmas Greetings!

I have been humbled and grateful to serve with distinguished leaders throughout my ministry life. I learned a long time ago that faith is both caught and taught in one’s life. It is true that we are going in the direction of our most dominating thought. Whatever we focused on the most, will ultimately become our reality. We do become “who we run with” and “known by who we associate with” on a consistent basis.

Dr. Jamie Buckingham is the kind of thought-leader, I would want to run with him and associate with him. Additionally, he is the kind of leader and speaker, I would want to invite to our biennial Synergize Conference (www.Synergize.tv). His work has impacted countless lives and influenced Christians all over the world. He has written over 45 books.

Even though, Dr. Buckingham graduated for his eternal reward in February 1992, we now his powerful devotional entitled, Meeting God At Every Corner! This faith-building devotional has synergized the best writings and teachings of Pastor Buckingham and is now available for you. I have my copy sitting on my desk, ready to be read throughout 2023!

The Top Ten Benefits of
Meeting God At Every Corner Are:

  • Empowers your prayer life!
  • Expands your mindset as to love of God!
  • Enriches you through the teaching of God’s Word!
  • Enlightens you as to new insights that you have not learned before!
  • Enlists you to go deeper in your relationship to Christ and others!
  • Equips you to become a powerful soul-winner!
  • Encourages you during the storms of life!
  • Establishes your spiritual house on a rock-solid foundation!
  • Eliminates those sins that can easily entangle your feet of faith!
  • Educates you as to the hard passages in the Bible!

A decade in the making, this 365-day devotional is the complication and capstone of Jamie’s teachings, adapted from sermons recorded over a 22-year period. Each devotion is written to give you a fresh glimpse into the multi-faceted heart of God and to challenge and inspire you to be led by His Spirit.

I cannot think of a more excellent way to get ready for a successful 2023 than to purchase your copy of Meeting God At Every Corner or even better, purchase a box of devotionals for your family, ministry team, or friends! Just think about it: Meeting God At Every Corner can become a gift of giving throughout 2023.

I look forward to seeing you in the winners’ circle in 2023. Our Lord is going to order our steps and stops, will place a holy hedge around us, give an open heaven above us, and bring an amazing people across our path when we need them. He will make our path successful as we strive to bring the Bride to the Bridegroom!