Register For FINISH West Africa Summit

More than 200 years ago, Missionary David Livingston’s heart was buried in Africa. In those days, Africa was called the dark continent, but today the largest Christian population on any continent resides there. It is estimated by 2035, that Africa will become the first Christian continent. The Gospel is headed north, to the place where it all began 2000 years ago!

We will be fortunate to host the FINISH West Africa Summit next week in Accra, Ghana. Presently, there are leaders coming from 15 nations. More information is provided below.

We are praying for a sweeping, weeping and repeating revival to occur throughout West Africa. If you are interested in joining us for the FINISH West Africa Summit, then please write us at It is not too late to join us! We are praying and planning for a church to be synergized and mobilized, a powerful hub in each nation, a Bible in every language, a harvest of young sent ministers and a church within walking distance! As Dr. Timothy Hill, General Overseer of Church of God states, “We are moving from the Great Commission to the Great Completion. Blessings!