Testify About the Light

John 1:6-9 There came a man sent from God, whose name was John. He came as a witness, to testify about the Light, so that all might believe through him. He was not the Light, but he came to testify about the Light. There was the true Light which, coming into the world, enlightens every man.

Greetings GCN Family,

As we reflect on the Christmas season, I pray that yours was filled with love and Light. The life of a pastor and all who serve the Church can be hurried and hectic in November and December as the church calendar fills up with celebrations, expectations abound, and a good night’s sleep just can’t be found, but as the last person leaves your final Christmas service I pray that you will take moment alone to pray and soak in all the love and Light you just poured out. Let Jesus refill and refresh you as you settle in to personally celebrate Him.

You have probably heard many people remark or even lament that the world seems to be getting darker and darker every day. When we focus on the darkness it dims our spirits and hope grows cold. Darkness is an absence of light, and as you read and probably preached through John chapter 1 this year, it reminds us that Jesus is the life and Light of men and the Light shines in the darkness. Like John the Baptizer, you have been sent from God to testify about the Light, to enlighten people’s hearts and minds that they might believe and follow Jesus. The more you talk and testify about the Light the brighter their lives become; darkness doesn’t overcome light, light dispels darkness. As burdens are lifted, followers of Jesus shine brighter as well, becoming the “city on a hill” Jesus called us to be for all the world to see.

Pause for a peaceful moment and recall the candlelight shining from your Advent wreath, your candlelight service, the lights in the trees and the glow of your neighborhood. Imagine all who heard you testify taking the Light out from your church and shining throughout your community all year long. The Christmas decoration may get put away, but the Christmas declarations should never be boxed up but rather lifted up, ever increasing and never ceasing. As many proclaimed, “Jesus is the reason for the season,” the truth is Jesus is the reason for every season. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, He is the Light of the world who promised to never leave us or forsake us. The calendar may change but Jesus remains and so it is up to us to fan the flame as we pray for revival, as we pray for the salvation of friends, family, and enemies.

As you lift up the Word in prayer, teachings, and conversations from the pulpit to the grocery store, while walking the dog, working out in the gym, whatever you are doing, testify all the more. Let your conversations be filled with light, rise and shine every day determined that this time next year you will hear people continually praising and overflowing with gratitude because darkness was pushed back, and Satan fled as their hearts and homes were filled and overflowed as a floodlight to their neighbor and nation.

Please allow me to pray with you now:

Lord Jesus, You are the Light of the World; our Light and life to share everywhere we go through Your love and Word. Cause our light shine as You called us to be salt and light, not to hide it. Let us not grow weary, but strengthen us, refresh us, blow on the embers of our hearts and bring a flame worthy of Your name. Help me to guard my mouth from grumbling about the darkness but send me to where the enemy is at work to expose his schemes and light the world with Your truth and fruit. Thank You for the many celebrations we shared for Your birth, fill me with You power and promises to move forward with the light of Your life. In Your beautiful, powerful, Holy Name we pray, Amen!

Know that I am continually praying for you and with you.

Serving Him with gladness,

Kathy Branzell
President, National Day Prayer Task Force
Cochair/Global Prayer
Global Church Network