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Knowing the Whole Bible
by Walter Kaiser
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How to Study the Bible
by Howard Hendricks
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How to Communicate To Any Audience
by James Merritt
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Deliver, Deploy, Direct, & Develop – March 2012!

The Billion Soul Network portal is a global communications center and enabling arm to:

  • Deliver the finest training and demonstrate best-practices;
  • Deploy up-to-date global information, pastoral training and resources in many languages;
  • Direct as an intersection of the successful and the needy to find helps that result in improved ministry excellence in our fast-paced era;
  • Develop pastors through the larger community of faith for enrichment and ennoblement at higher levels of quality and speed.

The Global Church Learning Center houses 40 interactive training curriculum courses by renowned Christian leaders.  This global curriculum is expandable to more than 100 training courses from every major world region.  As part of the Global Church Learning Center is the Global Church Library designed to augment these phenomenal courses and to become the international bank of the finest Christian resources in the world.

General Description Of Courses In Global Church Learning Center

All courses are tailored to be visually attractive, doctrinally-vital, interactively engaging and able to be distributed in a variety of ways.

Twenty courses are considered “core,” as high-priority topics essential to introducing the topic or as a refresher study. The studies are sequenced for progression in level of difficulty, but are without prerequisites and can be accessed on an “as needed” basis.  The five points of global knowledge include Leadership Development, Global Missions, Church Planting, Evangelism & Discipleship and Visionary Networking.

It is intended that new church plantings over the next ten to fifteen years will be led by pastors who have worked through the Global Church Learning Center curriculum studies and for pastors who want to grow in their personal and professional ministries.  At the same time, BSN does not compete with Bible Schools, Institutes or Seminaries, as BSN does not replace nor compete with ordination of men and women for ministry.

Courses to be Offered

Leadership Development

CharlesTuttleBecoming a Kingdom-minded Leader (Eddie Leo)
CharlesTuttleHow To Cast Vision (Elmer Towns)
CharlesTuttleCharlesTuttleDeveloping Strong Families (Joann Webster/Paul Cole)
CharlesTuttleWinning My Race (Ben Lerner)
CharlesTuttleCharacter Formation (Stan Toler)
CharlesTuttleTeam Building (Leon Fontaine)
CharlesTuttleConflict & Resolution (Ademola Ishola)
CharlesTuttleHow to Communicate To Any Audience (James Merritt)

Church Planting

CharlesTuttleHow Do I Know I Am a Church Planter (Steve Pike)
CharlesTuttleHow to Plant a Church in a Villiage (Jean Gatabazi)
CharlesTuttleHow to Plant a Church in a Metropolitan Area (Michael Knight)
CharlesTuttleHow to Plant a Church in a Global City (David Sobrepena)
CharlesTuttleSelecting Your Church Planting Model (Tim Keller)
CharlesTuttleHow To Know Where to Plant A Church (Peter Njiri)
CharlesTuttleHow To Recruit A Church Planting Team (David Ramirez)
CharlesTuttleMastering the Mission for Faith & Resources(Enoch Adeboye)

Visionary Networking

CharlesTuttleThe Essentials of Networking (James O. Davis)
CharlesTuttleDeveloping a Synergy Plan (Gustavo Crocker)
CharlesTuttleThe Global Networked Church (Suliasi Kurulo)
CharlesTuttleSynergizing Apostolic Movements (Glenn Burris)
CharlesTuttleLeading from the Middle (Peter Mortlock)
CharlesTuttleSynergizing Across Generational Lines (George Wood)
CharlesTuttleDeveloping a Hub Mindset (Efraim Tendero)
CharlesTuttleHow To Tie Knots (Barry Clardy)


Global Missions

CharlesTuttleFinding the Mission (Kenneth Ulmer)
CharlesTuttleDeveloping a Global Christian Worldview (Philip Jenkin)
CharlesTuttleUnreached People Groups (Alex Abraham)
CharlesTuttleThe Makings of a Missional Church (Leonard Sweet)
CharlesTuttleEquipping Missional Teams (Prince Guneratnam)
CharlesTuttleUnderstanding The Muslim World (Lararus Yeghnazar)
CharlesTuttleCharlesTuttlePlanting Multiplication Churches Worldwide (Alex Tanuseputra / Douglas LeRoy)
CharlesTuttleStewarding Your Life’s Mission (Brian Houston)

Evangelism & Discipleship

CharlesTuttleHow To Share Your Faith (John Sorenson)
CharlesTuttleUnderstanding the Great Commission (J. Hudson Taylor)
CharlesTuttlePrayer & Fasting (David Mohan)
CharlesTuttleHow To Study The Bible (Howard Hendricks)
CharlesTuttleHow To Raise & Equip Soul Winning Champions (David Oyedepo)
CharlesTuttleKnowing the Whole Bible (Walter Kaiser)
CharlesTuttleReproductive Leadership (Peter Wentz)
CharlesTuttleEveryone in Ministry (John Ed Mathison)


Memberships – Launching March 2012!

Memberships provide access to the Billion Soul Network portal and the Global Church Learning Center. Memberships are available and personalized to fit the global community.

  1. Premium  Membership – $300 per year or $25 per month.  Included in this monthly membership are the 20 Core Courses valued at $1,000 all of the Elective Courses at 50% off or $15 each.  Free registration fee to Billion Soul summits and Bi-Annual Synergize Conference.

  2. Preferred Membership – $500 per year or $60 per month.  Included in this monthly membership are the 20 Core Courses and All the Elective Courses.  Free registration fee to Billion Soul summits and Bi-Annual Synergize Conference.

  3. Partner Membership– $1,000 per year for 10 people.  Included in this membership are the 20 Core Courses and All Elective Courses.   Free registration fee to Billion Soul summits and Bi-Annual Synergize Conference.

  4. Billion Soul Scholarship – Free approved membership to 20 Core Courses.


Pricing – Launching March 2012!


20 Core Courses $50 per course $1,000 total
20 Elective Courses $30.00 each $600 total
Entire Package All Included $1,200 total


20 core courses Included in Membership $0
20 elective courses $15 each $300 total
Annual Membership Fee $300